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And two more...WTH!?!

Feb 08, 2008 - 3 comments

I was debating on whether or not to post this to the group due to the fact that I did not want to upset anyone else about it, but I had to get it out....rather than posting it to the forums, I will post it in my journal since it is a bit more personal...before anyone reads any further, if you are upset easily about sad things that happen in life, please do not read on. My intent is not to upset anyone, but to help myself deal, that is all.

I just got off the phone with my brother a few minutes ago and was told some tragic news:

Another one of my very good friendsm Kevin, (with whom I have lost touch in the past three years, but hey, once a friend, always a friend) passed away on Tuesday. He was only 24. He was engaged to the love of his life and they have a 1 month old baby together, which ALWAYS makes things so much worse.

Here is the story (and seriously, do not read any further if this will upset you, it only gets worse)....

His cousin Troy (another friend of mine) and he were as close as two people can get. Troy had been having problems and was separated from his childs mother. She told him that it was fully over and he decided to take his own life two Monday's ago. Seeing as how they were so close, this was really tough on Kevin and he had a really hard time with it.

After the wake for Troy, which was on this past tuesday for some reason, Kevin (who has always drank a bit much) was drinking, but no more than usual. His fiancee said that he got in bed like he normally did to go to sleep. She woke up at about 5:00 AM the next morning and tried to wake Kevin up, but he had passed away.

What the medical examiner concluded was that there were no lethal levels or mixtures of anything in his system, so it was rule "natural causes". If you ask me, there is nothing natural at all about a 24 year old dying in his sleep. Since he was so upset, most of his friends (me included) seem to think that he died of a broken heart. It sounds awful and really sad, but we think it is true nonetheless.

That being said, I ask that you pray not for me but for his family and his little boy is is just a mere 1 month old and will never personally know his dad. However, with all the memories that so many of us shared with Kevin (and Troy for that matter) his son will always know what a great guy his dad was.

Thank you for listening...(or reading anyway)...

Kevin McClure

Troy Funk

Rest in peace my friends, you will surely be missed....

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by bonnytiz, Feb 09, 2008
Hi, what a sad story, I am soooooo sorry, I will certainly say a prayer for the family and certainly for the little boy, (and you also) it doesnt cost anything!!
I am sure you will keep Kevin alive for the litlte boy.

Fondest wishes, Daphne (Bonnytiz)

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by Jennifer375, Feb 13, 2008
Shelzmike, I am so sorry for the loss of your friends, and I totally respect the fact that you decided not to post it on the anxiety board,, but my god that is odd. I can definatly understand why the one friend upset you so much. I have a friend who lives and grew up in the city... she has watched friend after friend die to drug overdose (different but she is under 30 too) and it keeps her housebound out of fear even though she has a bachlors in psych and could be doing great things. Know you are in my prayers and thoughts today along with our friend LongJohn whos Mom is so sick..... *Holding space*             Jennifer

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by eemcclure, Mar 09, 2008

Hi.  My name is Ed and I am Kevin's Dad (and Troy's uncle).  First, thanks, for saying the kind words about Kevin and Troy.  It's obvious Kevin touched a lot of people's lives.  I knew a lot of Kevin's friends fairly well, though I don't think you and I got the opportunity to meet.  And you are right about Kevin and Troy ... they were much more like brothers than cousins.  I was coming up to Roanoke the morning that Kevin died to go to Troy's funeral.  I just spoke to Kevin on Tuesday morning, and though he was obviously hurting badly about Troy I know him well enough to know he didn't want this too happen (his death).  This has really broken my heart, I loved Kevin so dearly.  You mentioned that the medical examiner concluded that there were no leathal level of drugs in Kevin's system.  I just spoke to the examiners office and the toxicology report hasn't come back.  Do you have an inside with them?  I would be interested in knowing anything you might know about that.  Also, if you have a chance to drop me a note, share with me some of your experiences with Kevin I would appreciate it.

Thanks again for caring enough about Kevin and Troy create the post.

Ed McClure

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