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side affects of mirena IUD

Oct 25, 2007 - 50 comments

mirena side affects


what doctors deny






severe abdominal pai





Hi my name is Roxann and this is my story. I hope I can find a lawer or someone else with the same symptoms so that I know im not crazy. It all started about four years ago when I had my second child, after I had him my friend told me about this new birth control called the mirena IUD, now I have had an IUD before, it was the paraguard but it was horrible I bleed for 4 months straight, and was in alot of pain, so when I heard that this birth control was the complete opposite I was very happy, I mean what woman wouldnt be? A birth control that was active for five years, and you didnt have to go take a needle to the butt every month was to me a gods gift, but soon after I realized that it was the complete opposite! After I got it put in about two months later I developed a very large cyst on my right overy it was the size of an extra large egg so of cours I was in alot of pain. Well my doctor said that it would pass or shrink on its own well after three months went bye no change, so my doctor decided to give me a laparoscopy to remove the cyst, after my surgery my doctor said everything went well and I should recover fine from this surgery, well surprise surprise after one month later I was still in alot of pain at that time I went back in to see him, and what I heard was like a diffrent language to me he told me when I had my surgery he found some endometriosis on my overies as well as my uteris, I didnt know what he was talking about because I didnt know what this was I never heard of it and I was thinking why did he wait a month to tell me what I had, he didnt explain his self so when I left I called my nurse and she explained it to me. I was so devistated how could I get this and what was the cure she explained that there was no cure the only solution to my problem was to have a hysterectomy to remove all of the endometriosis from my body and even that wasnt all she said that it could spread to some other organs I was speechless and thought I was going to have a nervious break down I broke down in tears because this ment no more babies no more woman hood this is what I felt, but thru all of this I asked my doctor what could have caused this, he said nobody knows exclactly what causes endometriosis, all I could think was is it mabe from my IUD because after I got this thing put in me my life has been nothing but pain first the cysts, and now this. So my doctor said that I was too young to get a hysterectomy, and that he wouldnt do it anyway even if thats what I wanted, so he put me on this medication called lupron, it caused me to go into an artificial menapause state, and I was so missurable on it I hated anyone who crossed my path, and now I know that it is far worse than the actual menapause it self. So after three months that I was on this medication I told him that I was too much in pain and it wasnt helping me so he said that there was nothing else he could do for me, so basicley I was S.O.L , it was either live with the pain or get back on lupron, I chose to live with the pain, I lived with it for three years till I decided enough was enough I went to see another doctor, I explained me situation to him and he was eager to help, I told him that I cant take this pain anymore and I thought that the pain was from the mirena, he laughed and said no way was my pain coming from the mirena and that there was no way it caused me to get endometriosis, so he gave me an exam to make sure my mirena was still in place and mabe if it was out of place thats what would be causing my pain, during the exam he said that he couldnt find my strings and I explained to him that it has been a while since my strings were gone he thought mabe the mirena was in my uterious, so he orderd me an emergency ultra sound, but nothing , it was in place but embeded in my cervix, I explained that I couldnt possibly take this pain anymore, so he said im going to give you a hysterectomy , I have to admit I was shocked to hear him say that because my previous doctor said that I was too young to get the surgery but I payed no attention to my thoughts and went along with what he told me besides I thought hes a doctor why would he want to put me thru anymore pain that I was already in I came to him for a secound opinion and he gave it to me, so it stuck and we scheduled my surgery to have my uterious removed and keep my ovarys what I didnt understand is why keep my left ovary it has been giving me trouble since I had that cyst, all it did was hurt all the time since then and I told him that several times, but then again I thought he is a doctor so I again trusted him, I had the surgery the following month, and was in the hospital for 4 days because my pain was imbareable after the surgery. I went home finally after the fourth day, my doctor told me to stay off my feet and rest for three weeks and then after im all heald I shouldnt have anymore pain, I thought to myself yes finally after three years im going to feel normal again no more laying in bed because I was in so much pain, I could finally get my life back, but little did I know after the three weeks I was still in pain so I gave it another two weeks thinking mabe I wasnt all the way healed, everyone is diffrent mabe just mabe it was going to take me longer to heal but after two months went bye I was still in alot of pain, so again here I go back to the doctor complaining about my pain, he said well Roxann we are going to have to take your ovarys I said well that means no more babies right, and I will go into early menapause right, he said yes thats right so my husband and I talked it over and decided that I had no other choice I wanted to be pain free, so I called the dr. and made another appointment to take my ovarys out, he agreed that this was the only way to get rid of the pain, so here I go once again two months later on my third surgery, but this time he took my ovarys I was sad but happy at the same time because I thought finally after four years Im going to be pain free and nomore pills nomore laying down in bed all day and I can finally be myself. Well you probley gussed it after I heald up I was still in pain so at this point my dr. said I dont know what else I can do for you Roxann, all I could do is cry and ask god why me what have I done to deserve this, I can no longer have children of my own, oh and did I mention because my body is going thru early menapause its not going to take one year for it to go away like normal women because im going thru it so young im going to have thru live thru this for 4 to 5 years. My dr. decided to send me to a pain clinic and to a psychiatrist because since I had a hysterectomy it thru me into a depression that is imaginable at one point I was considering suicide, I felt like I was no longer a woman, I had no femal organs, and I felt empty inside. I am still going thru all of this all because of a little T shaped plastic thing that was inserted into my cervex. wow I never thought this would happen to me I dont think anyone does untill it happens. Im sorry that this is so long there is actually more but im starting to get upset and I just cant go on. I hope a lawer sees this or a doctor sees this and is not afraid to tell the truth I am living proof that this mirena is defected not only me but thousands of women including my sister and she is only 21 she cant go thru what I went thru or any other women for that fact. Thank you for taking the time to read this.                                        
                                                                                                Sincerely, Roxann
p.s. If you want to know the whole story please dont hesitate to write.
p.p.s The doctors dont know why im still in pain.

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by Triz, Jan 29, 2008

I'm sorry that you had such a terrible problem with the Mirena. I use it for my endometriosis. It eases my pain and periods. I know all there is to know about endo, and I can tell you that the Mirena didn't cause it. You've probably had it for a while. I know that its not for everyone, but I don't think that you can say for sure that's what the problem was.

What I don't get is why they didn't take the thing out? Why would they go straight for a hysto instead of trying to remove it first?? That doesn't make any sense. It sounds to me that you need to be mad at your doctor as much as the drug companies. I've had some friends who had it and they reacted badly. They took it out and they were fine. I think you had a bad combo of a bad reaction and bad doctors.

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by LMTER, Apr 04, 2008

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by rhonda1968, May 12, 2008
Stay away from Mirena! I had to have a Total Abominal hysterectomy and I'm almost 100% sure it was  due to the Mirena. My doctor recommended the mirena knowing my history with uterin fibroids. I had the mirena inserted in November and started having bladder, bowel, and pain in January. Just had the hysterectomy on April 18th 2008!

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by MissTrese, Jun 19, 2008
I have an iud and i was happy 2 get it but every since i've had it i've been spotting pink, brown, red, orange, bleeding without knowing. I've only had it 4 four months and it ain't been right. My right side has been hurting and i have had pelvic pains. I also bleed during and after intercourse sometime, and i don't think thats normal. I think the best thing to do is get it removed. I can't even tell when i'm on and when i'm not! What to do??????????? Miss Trese

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by TRELB2, Jun 22, 2008
hey girl. I have it too I live in ABQ send me an email.  I need to talk to you foxyroxyf22.  I am going through hell with mirena.  NO WAY. Contact me at ***@****

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by RED76, Jun 29, 2008

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by Andrea8494, Aug 01, 2008
RED76, I was on Depo for about 8 years and had no problems to speak of. There's the initial adjustment of 3-6 months that can have irregular bleeding and some cramping, but after that it was clear. I didn't have a period for the rest of the time. I am now using Mirena, I've had it about 3 months. I did have some irregular bleeding but it has pretty much evened out. The worst adjustment was in the first few weeks I would have intense cramping as my uterus was getting used to the Mirena. Depo works great, the only drawback is eventually you will develop scar tissue build up under the skin to where you have to change the injection area, that was why I switched. Hope this helps!

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by christie73, Aug 02, 2008
I have been on the Mirena since May 2nd 2008.  I did have some irregular bleeding in the first few weeks.  I have had one period since then.  The only other side affect I seem to be having at the moment is some pink and brown spotting occasionally.  Other than that, I feel great.  I got on it due to recommendations from my obgyn and several friends who are on it and extremely pleased with the results.  So far I am too because I used to have frequent (every 24 days) periods that were heavy and lasted a week.

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by skyblue439, Aug 27, 2008
hi ive had a laroscopy in 2006 i had a copper coil and i was in constant pain belly bloated urine infections keep going to the doctors kept saying saying my belly big cus ive had a child but she was not a baby keep going and going said did i have a std i said no i have not went the std place had the tests nothing as i knew i moved area still haveing problem constant pain in my belly went new doctors said my womb was large sent me for a scan said i had polycistic ovaries still haveing problems sent me for a laroscopy i had a large cyst on one of my ovaries size of a orange they said and i have cuts in my wombs they removed my copper coil and put the mirena in 2006 its now 2008 im still in pain i just referred to the hospital 2day and they said cus i have the cuts in my womb they cant keep opening me up and that i have to live with this pain for the rest of my life and they would send me  sum pain place said the coil wouldnt make me feel this i want it out i said i never had this pain b4 but they dont seem to b botherd about it i am and the end of it all the pain is so bad

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by Jacqui521, Jun 19, 2009
Hi. After years and years of fertility problems and menstrual problems, my gynae finally recommended one of two courses of action to help me. As I turn 40 in a couple of weeks time, my husband and I had decided that this would be our cut off age in terms of trying to get pregnant. The gynae said he could fit a Mirena, which in most cases stopped one from having a period. Over the last year my periods have become unmanageable. Loads of bleeding and pain. The other route was something called an Ablation which I did not like the sound of.
Anyway, this Monday gone by 15.06.09, I went in for routine Hysterscopy, Polypectomy, D & C, Endometrial biopsy and insertion of the Merina. I have had all the other procedures performed on more than 1 occasion and besides one or two days discomfort have had no other side effects. However, after the Mirena was inserted my problems began. I got a massive post operative infection which landed me back in hospital a day later. The doc said he wanted to give me another 48 hours before removing the Mirena. Well, the pain was mind blowing. I had all kinds of medication to try and take the pain away. I was doubled over on the hospital bed or pacing the ward bent double. I have a very high threshold for pain, so when I start to complain, you must know the pain is unmanageable. After Pethadine, 2 tablets the name of which I did not discover, 1 voltaren injection the pain had still not subsided even slightly. They eventually got my IV back up and also put pain meds through that. After a day of the worst agony imaginable, the pain subsided. This morning the doc said to me he would leave the Mirena in as my pain was gone. At around 08h30. the pain started again and I could feel it was the same as yesterday. I called his rooms from my hospital bed and went across to have him remove it. As I have had the other procedures before I do not believe it was normal post op discomfort at all. I had the Mirena in for not even 1 week and I thought it would kill me.
When I asked the sister at his rooms if there was some kind of money back warranty or something on it, she said no as I had not had it in for long enough. I am not sure how long they expected me not to function and walk around in excruciating pain for, but it is out and good riddance. The thing costs in the region of R2500.00 (I have yet to get the final bill), but this morning I would have paid any price to be rid of the pain!!
Within a half hour of the Mirena been removed, the pain had gone and has not come back at all today. I am home from the hospital and it is something I will not try to do again!!!

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by trendywendy, Aug 01, 2009
hi i have mirena coil in and ever since i have put on alot of weight, and im also very angry most of the time so iv asked for it to be removed after 4 years. when i went to doctor they couldnt locate the treads to remove it so i was sent for a scan to see if its in the womb which it is, so now iv been refered to gynacologist to have it removed, been to them and now after 20mins of extreme pain from them trying to locate it im now  getting sent to get my womb froze and it removed with the camera. my worrie is that iv had 4 sections to have my children and the last one my womb was taring so was lucky not to have it removed then, so im worrried that the coil has got stuck in alot of scare tissue and im going to have to have a historectomy to have it removed. i would never advice anyone to have the mirena coil in as iv been a total different person since having it in and now having problems having it removed.

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by margypops, Aug 01, 2009
Wow Ladies I have just read through all this and it is awful...have any of you taken legal advise about sueing this company. There must be new women every day getting this fitted, I am so shocked, what about the Media, its about time someone did something, have you googled for any legal advise out there. ?

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by Momofthreecrazykids, Aug 03, 2009
Did you have a fever or anything with your pain?  I've had a cyst since I was 16 on my left ovary.  Nothing that was affecting anything.  I birthed 4 children and I'm now 25.  After the birth of my last baby, I decided to get Mirena since my doctor wouldn't tie my tubes yet because I'm still young =(  

I got the Mirena back in April 2009 (just 3 1/2 months) and the PAIN on my left ovary is back.  I've been having a fever of 100.3-101.3 and not sure where its coming from.  There's been WEEKS where my back would just give out on me and I collapse to the floor, falling, screaming "OH MY GOD!".  Freaking my kids out.  I have no clue what that was about, or if it was even caused from Mirena, but I've NEVER felt that in my life.  

I feel depressed all the time, moody, nauseous, breast tenderness, lack of period, bloated, horrible cramping, extreme lower back pain that shoots around to my hips and then my uterus, fatigue, lack of sleep at night, hotflashes, night sweats, FEVER anything you can think of, I've got!!  

I did find a article a couple weeks ago aobut what Bayer or doctors won't tell you about Mirena.  I'm currently breastfeeding my 5 months old and read on this article, Mirena can cause brain defects.  I haven't seen in my daughter yet, but its scary.  There's tons of other things too listed.  I'll load it on here so you all can read it.  

The more and more I read about what people are getting.feeling with Mirena, makes me SO want to get it taken out!  

Good luck to all of you!!!

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by Momofthreecrazykids, Aug 03, 2009
Buyer Be Aware Report on Mirena

Things woman are untold about Mirena-

This high-tech form of contraception should not be taken lightly.

The Mirena* IUD, which its manufacturer calls an IUC (intra-uterine contraceptive) is being heavily promoted to young women in the U.S. as a wonderful high-tech, no muss, no fuss, put-it-in-and-forget-about-it for five years form of contraception. But it’s really just a levonorgestrel uterine implant, the same old side-effect ridden progestin that was in Norplant, a tiny implant that is injected into women’s upper arms and then causes many of them months if not years of misery.

According to Bayer, the company that makes the Mirena IUD, “MIRENA® is an effective, long-acting and reversible method of birth control… that delivers 20 µg/day of levonorgestrel directly into the uterus and protects against pregnancy for up to 5 full years. Due to the local action of levonorgestrel on the endometrium, there is often frequent irregular bleeding or spotting during the first 3-6 months of use. The number of days with bleeding or spotting decreases gradually, and by the end of the first year approximately 20% of women will experience a total absence of bleeding. …A decision to use MIRENA® must include consideration of the risks of PID [pelvic inflammatory disease]. Candidates should have no history of ectopic pregnancy or a condition that predisposes to ectopic pregnancy.”

Underinformed about Side Effects
Some women will do fine with the Mirena, but I have two big beefs about it. One is that I believe women are grossly under-informed about the side effects of levonorgestrel. Some women will understand that the crampiness and nausea they may feel may be caused by the device and will decide it’s worth it in order to have relatively trouble-free contraception. However, it will just not occur to most women that their lower back pain, headache, stuffy nose, depression, weight gain and abnormal pap smear (to name a few) could be caused by the progestin in their Mirena. The health care professionals who insert them are unlikely to directly warn women about those symptoms or ask about them when they come in for a follow-up visit (if they even have one).

Marketed to Breastfeeding Women
My other big beef is that these devices are being intentionally and consciously marketed to pregnant women for use postpartum. There is even an implication in the literature that it could be inserted during a C-section. There is very little research about the effects of progestins on nursing infants, and most of what there is was done for one year in third world countries such as Egypt, Bombay and Chile, which is always a red flag to me because it’s so easy to get away with shoddy research in those settings. (If you’ve ever been to a hospital in Egypt you know what I’m talking about—primitive would be a polite description of the one I visited.) A study done in Mexico with breastfeeding Norplant users found that their infants had significantly modified thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels.

The one six-year followup study I could find that followed breastfeeding infants exposed to levonorgestrel (Norplant) was done in Norway and found that they had higher incidence rates of respiratory infections, skin conditions and eye infections than the control group, and later were found to have a higher proportion of “neurological conditions.”

To me it’s unthinkable to even consider exposing a nursing infant to any type of progestin. I would call this a form of corporate sociopathy—marketing without a conscience to unwitting, under-informed women who are just trying to responsibly avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Since the FDA is unlikely to take action against this practice it’s up to the rest of us to spread the word.

Warnings for Mirena Include:
Ectopic pregnancy (which can be life-threatening and result in infertility)
Intrauterine pregnancy (birth defects are a possibility)
Sepsis (an infection which can be fatal)
Pelvic inflammatory disease (which can result in infertility)
Irregular Bleeding and Amenorrhea (no periods)
Embedment (in the uterine wall)
Perforation (of the uterus or cervix)
Ovarian cysts (can cause severe mid-cycle pain)
Breast cancer
Risk of Mortality (risk of dying is low)

Possible Side Effects of Mirena Include:
Lower abdominal pain
Upper respiratory infection
Leukorrhea (abnormal vaginal discharge)
Vaginitis (irritation or inflammation of the vagina)
Dysmenorrhea (cramps or painful periods)
Back pain
Weight increase
Breast pain
Skin disorder
Decreased libido
Abnormal Pap smear

Increased Body Awareness

Now I understand that what I'm about to suggest is, in some ways, the opposite polarity of Mirena®, but consider the possibility that simply gaining greater body awareness could be a key to feeling better and choosing the best possible form of contraception.

One way for a woman to increase her body awareness is to keep track of health issues and symptoms, especially those which may be associated with her periods. Here's where you can find a free download of a handy chart to help keep track of symptoms. This was originally published in our book Hormone Balance Made Simple, but I've made it available on this website to help women increase their body awareness.

Another handy little tool for increased body awareness is the Fertility Focus™ mini-microscope. This lipstick-shaped device can be a useful tool for tracking fertility, either to conceive or avoid conceiving and it can be used over and over. You simply put a few drops of saliva on the scope and a telltale ferning pattern in the saliva indicates fertility. When that distinct pattern appears it's tangible evidence that an egg has popped.

Other Resources

Here’s where to find the complete physician information sheet for Mirena.

Here’s an online forum for Mirena users who have experienced side effects. Notice that many of the women didn’t realized until the Mirena had been taken out and they started to feel dramtically better, how many negative side effects they had been having but hadn’t attributed to the Mirena.

Here’s another online forum that includes some positive and some negative experiences with Mirena.

Here's a letter from a friend of mine who had a Mirena inserted and didn't even realize it contained a progestin.

Here's a letter from a woman who used Depo-Provera.

*Mirena is a registered trademark ®

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by tiredOFit09, Sep 14, 2009
I am going through something pretty similar. I have had my mirena for a year and a half now. T o start things off i hurt ALL the time, not just a dull pain but a stabbing pain. I went to the Dr and he said i had Endometritis, its the step before endometreosis....I got on anti biotics and it seemed to help out...a few months later i satred hurting really bad again, it turns out that i had a cyst the size of a baseball. I had surgery and had it removed...felt better for awhile and then once again i started to hurt he told me i have pid....all these problems from the mirena. I do not reccomend this device to my worst enemy, it is not worth the pain. I wish you the best of luck with yours i understand your pain. Im calling my Dr asap and getting mine removed!

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by GoNatural, Dec 28, 2009
I had an Mirena inserted in July of 2008. After a year and a half I finally took it out today myself! I bleed most of the time; I have to wear panty liners every day, just in case. I had aching shooting pains throughout my abdomen and down my legs for the first several months. Sometimes sex is painful and I bleed for a day or so afterward. I haven't been back to the doctor since I had it inserted 'cause I lost my insurance. I will be going to get it checked out next month (I will have insurance again) to see if there's any serious problems. Oh, and another thing..I weigh nearly 150 pounds!! That's the most I've EVER weighed, even while I was pregnant. I wonder if it's the IUD?

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by fina77coco, Jan 10, 2010
I have been on mirena since march of 2007 and I am ready to remove it .I got my period for the first 2 months after insertion but i have not seen a period since(which) concerns me. I ask my doctor he said it's normal.
Since I had mirena my Back has been killing me . I mean extreme back pains and terrible acne. and cramps lots of cramps
To make my story short I will be removing it on 1-15-2010. for good ... I am going back to the Pills .

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by GoNatural, Jan 12, 2010
Update for GoNatural: I finally stopped bleeding today! I also went to the Dr. today. I have to go back tomorrow for an ultrasound because my right ovary was hurting during my pelvic exam. Not sure if it's related to the IUD. I wanted to get that thing out before I had serious problems. Hopefully I didn't wait too long.

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by GoNatural, Jan 19, 2010
Update #2 for GoNatural: I went back to the Dr. today to get the results from the pap and ultrasound. Everything is fine. Whew... I was a little nervous. Now I'm just seeing if all this extra weight is gonna come off easily. My husband already noticed my stomach is going back down.

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by LovelyApril, Mar 27, 2010
I wonder if this message will get to you since you posted so long ago.  I got the Mirena IUD last May. I can no longer take any estrogen because of a Pulmonary Embolism (blood clots in my lungs) last April.  I have thought it was the best thing since sliced bread because I have not had a period since it was put in and no more taking a bc pill everyday but now I'm not too sure.  Almost a week ago I started having excruciating pain in my abdomen/pelvic area on my left side.  I have almost gone to the ER a few times and I am not sleeping. The next morning after it started I called my OBGYN office and they got me in with the nurse practitioner that afternoon.  She did a pelvic exam and said my left ovary was slightly enlarged and we thought it was an ovarian cyst.  She ordered an ultrasound and I had it done the next day.  The day after that I went back to my OBGYN and saw the doctor. He gave me shocking news. The ultrasound was totally negative.  He asked me about my symptoms and did another pelvic exam. He then told me that he thought I had endometriosis.  I am having surgery in about 2 weeks.  I am so scared.  I am in SO much pain though that I have missed school and all I do is lye down with a heating pad.  I am 29 years old and want to have children still by the way.  I am exhausted and the vicoden and tramadol don't really help.  I have a strong feeling that the IUD has done all this to me.  I am anxious for the surgery so I can find out what is going on. This amount of pain really has me worried. If you get this post I would love to talk to you or anyone else that understands.  My email is ***@****. In the subject put something like IUD problems so I don't delete it as spam.  I hope you are doing better now. Thanks, April  

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by septemberdawn, Apr 15, 2010
i know what you are talking about girl!!! i had just gotten the IUD put in around feb 09. ever since then i have had nothing but problems with it. i bled for 6 months and now im dealing with really sharp abdominal pain. honestly they hurt more then it did ehrn i was in labor with my son. i couldnt believe that a doctor would put something like this in us knowing what could happen damn. what was they thinking. i know that this is pain i do not wish to have and i am thinking about getting it tooken out but i dont want to have the chance to get pregnat. i know i am posed to deal with the pain but i cant take it any more. i think that it has caused something bad to happen to me. but i will know soon enough does anyone ever feel light headed from it. it makes me highly sick to my stomach....

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by jessgawthorp, May 12, 2010
hi im 26 years years old i have had the merana in for 2 years havent had a period but now iv started having these cramps that feel like contraction cramps they say i have a cyst so should i have the merana taken out asap im sorry to hear about your cituation(spelling?)thanks forreading my post

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by lovepink820, Jul 19, 2010
OMG!! after reading all of this I am just crying my eyes out right now.......I have had the mirena in now for two years I have experienced everything that you all have from bleeding the first 4 months straight with cramps, fevers, sweats, pain.....pain with sex bleeding during and afterwards....cramping almost every other day.....I have been in and out of the doctor which refers me to the gyno and they both tell me there is no way it could be the mirena.....I have disagreed since the beginning and have felt strongly....I tried pain pills, hormone pills, had a ultrasound, several pelvic exams......and my doctor thinks it is IBS which is BS I just know this is the cause and i'm sure I also have ENDO.....I have gained 60 pds since I had the IUD in and several bladder infections, funky discharge, I just try to ignore the pain and the weight gain because the IUD costed a small fortune and I just can't get pregnant again I am a single mom and don't want to ever take any chances......I have another appointment in a week and i'm sure they will tell me the same BS again....I used to be on the DEPO and loved it but my doctor suggested I needed to switch to the IUD after being on the depo for 8 years.....I am so nervous about everything you have all said and I feel for each and every one of you.....I didn't think anyone else understood how frustrating and painful this is and I can't imagine of all the different ways this has negatively impacted my life with my son laying in bed or on the couch every other day with cramps....;( I hope the best to each of you and thank you for sharing your stories it will truly help me at my next appointment

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by Destani214, Aug 03, 2010
I DEMANDED they take mine out and then found out I had to have a procedure that required and IV and sedation! It's out and I feel great! Dont let them fool or bully you into keeping that stupid horrid mirena!

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by karen748, Aug 29, 2010
you no what everyone is different i am on the mirena the plastic one that goes up in you not no medal medal can cause damage plastc mirina is best... Anyway life ***** for the people who have issues and probs with it i have had it for 3 years now and yes some people have screwd up period cycles ever since i was young i would miss mine and get my  months later have my period for over 20 days which i could of died but i have not a single thing wrong with me. Life and your bodies arent perfect. You Live YOU Learn all of you who are freaked out just don't spread your legs and have sex or go get your tubes tied so you don't have something stuck up in you like a tampon. for some it works for some it ***** you up sorry life ***** !!!!

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by pain28, Nov 03, 2010
Ok I have had the regular 10 year IUD for 8years 6 months after our third child was born. Well every month a week before my period I had major pain like I was going into labor. It hurt it hurt badly. But I dealt with it.  That’s when I knew I was going to start. So when it was time for my period I bleed very heavy for two days then it will slow down. The following week I would have the pain again but for a day off and on. Like I said I dealt with the pain.  Sometimes I would have clots that were the size of a dime. The reason I removed it was because my husband and I wanted a baby.   So I had it removed August 30th 2010 and we started trying for a baby well that’s when this pain started. I have had this consent pain in my ovaries or both side but more on the left. I have gone to the doctor and they have said oh we need to test you for an STD, even though we tested you August 30th during your annual and everything was negative. I was like okay, do what you want but I know I do not have an STD. I have been with my husband for 13 years. Once again it’s negative and I had a period September 13th and October 24th, but everything is normal but the pain is there and consent.  What do I do I have never had this pain like this and it didn’t happen until the IUD was removed.  

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by jessica_lynn198, Dec 17, 2010
Wow! I hope that everyone will still get the chance to read my experience and my professional medical advice on this "Mirena". This is more or so intended for Roxanne so I really hope that you get the chance to read what I am about to write.

First of all Ladies I went to school to be a nurse and unfortunately my boyfriend and I at the time broke up with eachother and I couldn't afford to live so I was working 4 jobs and couldn't manage to stay in school but did manage to complete about a year of the program and now I am going into my second semester at Algonquin College for Personal Support Worker so I have some understanding to health and physiology and the anatomy of the body and the list goes on but I am no genious!! lol.

AND Second of all --> In 2007 I personally as well had a "Mirena" inserted into me. My doctor (Gyno) was actually come to think of it kind of pushing it on me; Telling me how "Amazing" (was the word she used) this IUD was, explaining the advantages and benefits of MIRENA. She didn't mention the negative side effects or ANY side effects what so ever.

Meanwhile this as Roxanne describes it "Plastic T Shaped" device was inserted in me. The whole time it was in me I had nothing but trouble I was actually to be on it because of endometriosis but they were unsure of my diagnosis. So Anyways I still got my very heavy and may I add very painful periods and a doctor thought I was pregnent off of it, removing it was safer for the baby and for me so removing it is what I did. The doctor told me that there was no heart beat or any sign of the baby after it was removed (2008). Only one in three women apparently have gotten pregnant off of this stupid device we call birth control.

Anyways that was just a very very very breaf explination of my experience with Mirena. There is much more to add like ever since I have had it removed my fiance and I are having troubles concieving. We want to have a family so so bad and I am hoping that this hasn't ruined my chances. I have been pregnant before this.. But unfortunately I had an abortion when I was 15 as it wasn't planned nor did was it consentual sex. I can't believe the problems that some people have off of these things..

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by ishouldbeadr, Dec 18, 2010
I HOPE THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE MIRANIA READ THIS. I had the mirania inserted about a year ago. I called the Dr. a few times to ask if it was normal that i was having terrible cramps right before my period. She told me it was normal to feel more intense cramps in the first couple months, but they should go away after that. Well they didnt and now they are so painful that i ended up in the  ER last week with bloating so bad i thought i might have been pregnant. THE ER DR SAID " OH YOU HAVE THE MIRANA U PROBABLY HAVE ENDOMETRITIS (INFLAMMATION OF THE UNTERINE WALL), BECAUSE THAT'S COMMON WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE MIRAINA. They ran i laundry list of tests the pregnancy test came back negative, liver and kidney function came back normal and the vaginal culture came back normal so they told me i had a parasite in my large intestine, and put me on FLAGYL, i took it for 3 days and called my Dr. HE told me to stop taking the FLAGYL, because the only way to determine whether or not i actually had a parasite was to do a stool culture and they never did one. He told me to call my GYNO, because he thought i might be having female problems. I looked up endometriosis online and I have all of the symptoms i go to see the GYNO next week. I THINK THE MIRANIA is the cause of all of my pain and diarria. oh and one lady put that she loved the MIRANIA, and the only thing she has for a drawback is she has brown redish dischange that lasts a for couple days. WELL NEWS FLASH THAT IS THE FIRST SIGN OF ENDOMETEOSIS.

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by noah0129, Mar 27, 2011
so my girlfriend is 26 and she had the mirana in, she says she got it taken out 8 months ago, she says it caused a cyst and she has been having her period every other week and has been in alot of pain, with cramping and pain during sex, plus headaches. her period isnt just spotting she has a full on heavy period. if anyone knows anything to help or info my email is ***@****, we are trying to have a baby n we dont really know who to ask or what is going on, any information will be much appreciated.

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by noah0129, Mar 27, 2011
just posted every other letter my email is p*r*y*c*e*9*0*y*a*h*o*o* ok add an@ and a .

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by Cf24Hair, Apr 03, 2011
I have had the mirena coil fitted in march 2011. It was one of the most painful things I have ever experienced even after two horrendous births! Since the fitting I thought my menstrual cycles were pretty bad before! I had it pretty easy if this coil is anything to go by! Before mirena my cycle was regular and lasted 3 days top and the only down side was the pms I was like death for a week before my cycle. Since having this contraption fitted which is my second having a copper coil fitted after the birth of my first the mirena coil has been a pain! My period has lasted since fitting my abdomen is in constant pain cramps, back pain like nothing I have ever experienced before! I went onto this mirena coil from recommendations due to it stopping your monthly cycle heaven I thought but more like hell . I have given myself 6 months and if things do not get better then I shall be booking to get this removed! My heart goes out to anyone who has suffered as a result of this iud and your doctor gives a lovely booklet describing the side affects of the mirena coil but this I have read on this forum is the best place for a real insight to what the real affects are!!

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by Saffronmaid, May 11, 2011
I am  49 and had the Mirena fitted 4.5 years ago to help stop very heavy periods. Well, it did that and I have had no more than spotting every month since. However, I developed big, painful cyst-like spots around my neck and chin mid-cycle every month (which interestingly are reducing in size as the progesterin wears out). Was told by Family Planning nurse and doctor at the time that it would NOT be due to the Mirena!  Also, about the same time I developed a pain in my left hip down to the knee that would change from mildly uncomfortable to down-right painful and sleep disturbing. I put this down to strain initially as I do a lot of yoga and walking. However, when it didnt get any better I asked a physiotherapist acquaintance (by this time I was thinking it was early osteo-arthritis!)  who gave me some stretches to do and said it was probably a tight muscle. NO HELP!  My own GP said it was probably scar tissue in the cartilage (what???) and wasnt really interested as I had good movement through the joint. I had severe mood-swings around PMT time for about a year a few months after having the Mirena inserted, which my GP and I both put down to peri-menopause. Thankfully, now resolved.  Incidently, I have been getting cold-sores erupt most months around mid-cycle. Last week I phoned Family Planning again as the symptoms were really getting to me. I spoke to a different (younger?) doctor who agreed that all these symptoms could very likely be Mirena related!! Im having it taken out tomorrow and am hopeful of clear skin and pain free hips!!

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by gita30, May 26, 2011
i had mirena inserted eight months ago after having my fifth kid. iv been to hell. i am taking it out with hysteroscopy which is more worse procedure. my gyno pushed me to have mirena **** thing. i told her that the pamphlet says about side effects, she says dont worry nothing gona happen to u, its better than having another baby. i dont know why the doctors compel patients to have it. i think mirena company gives the docs commission$$$$$$$$$$. i think we should sue both the doctor and the mirena. they are playing with our lives they experiment with us but we are living things. by the way i forgot to mention that i got extreme hair falling and sudden increase inthe growth of body hair, got weak eye sight and sun spots thing increased in my face neck and body, my under chin in neck area got a flub of meat and i look like pregnant even though i am not. and all the other side effects mentioned in upper posts i got all of them.  so ladies if ur doc says take my advice on putting on the mirena show ur finger to him/her lols. now every body yell out with me "f*** mirena.lols

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by fluffybootsss, May 28, 2011
All please note there are thousands of complaints about the Mirena online many people have had terrible problems myself included , in the UK USA and elsewhere. There is a page on Facebook " ,MIRENA IS EVIL" with  a number of links it is truly shocking and worrying yet it is stlll on the market.

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by GG159, May 31, 2011
I am a women who has post menapausal bleeding my OBGYN has suggest I have Mirena inserted.  After reading all these post I have hesitant.  Is there anyone else out there in the same situation??

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by femalejoiner, Jun 28, 2011
I was getting irregular heavy bleeding 4years ago mood swings and low iron due to blood loss. It took me two years later when a Doctor (female) may I add sent me for a full medical. I just put it down t mrs monthly but later was I to find out I ad cysts on ovaries. They only detected that by ultra sound. 6months later the pain was really bad the cysts got that big I was losing weight due to my food intake. I have been on implant also had the injection may I add. I had to have a laporoscopy. Later that day the Gynacologist told me he found a few spots of endometrosis. The cyst came back again but they went after I had the Mirena put in. Ive got to admit I was warned it could take over a year to settle my bleedin.I rnt getting the pain no more as the Mirena allows the chemical imbalance to stop the womb lining getting thicker this enables the sperm t penetrate the female egg when trying for a child. The mood swings have stopped  also the highs and lows. Ive stayd the same weight. I do eat heathly and exercise regular. Before this Mirena was put it I have t say the pains would have me on the floor. So far so gurd with the mirena. Saw my Gynacologist yesterday and he hada chat with me and told me I wouldnt have to see him again. The Mirena is working for me with my endometrosis, what a life saver, as I am 25 and no kids and do want them. He did also tell me the longer it is in the better it does work. I will keep you all updated. But I had endometrosis before the Mirena so it definatley isnt due to that. Each person is different i.e life style factors, and I do sympatise with you all. The factor of endometrosis is that it is called the career women syndrom the only cure is to have a kid they say. If this is true why are people who have had kids getting it. There needs to be more research done, and hospitals and doctors need to get it diagnosed upon are out of normality for us. I knew sumat wasnt right but the G.P's were quick t want me t take anti-depressants and that but I refused and was persistant, and that is only why I got newhere. My personal opinion I do think the injection and implant had alot to do with it. Has read up on endometrosis there is nowhere for the blood to go. They say it dissolves but we all know medical science say stuff for a few years later  t state its health factor. I have done my a level science and my 2nd conclusion is I eat alot of protein now one sie affect of endo is hair grow ect. Who eats protein Body builders ect so I really do believe it is down to diet. I have started eatin alot more fish cuttin out the protein as much. I also know protein deficency sign is alapisha (hair loss) loads to go with it. This is not right or wrong this is just my own studies. I will keep ya all up dated tho and let you all know if the Mirena helps with my endometrosis or not as I know we are all individuals. Hope you all take care n god bless you all. xx

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by maximum355, Jul 09, 2011
It's tough being a woman. I have had the Merina for about 14 months now and have cursed it every day. After reading your entries will be having it removed asap! 4 days after I had the Merina inserted, I was doing some ironing when I felt a gush of liquid running down my legs, I ran to the toilet and was bleeding so heavily that it felt and sounded like I was passing urine. It continued to pour for 3 hours! My husband had to call an ambulance, by which time I was passing clots the size of baseballs! Humiliatingly the ambulance had to put a nappy on me as the bleeding would not let up and rushed me to hospital. The nurses were in disbelief as they "changed my nappy" and a clot the size of a placenta just fell out of the nappy onto the floor! I thought something serious was happening to me and hoped that my days weren't numbered. This continued till the morning when the Gynocologist put me on medication to stop the bleeding which I had to continue to take for 30 days. The explanation was that, as I was still breastfeeding at the time the very thick lining on my endometrium was reacting to the Merina. My Obstetrician said to take it out but as the medication had reduced my bleeding I decided to stick it out as I don't want to fall pregnant. My 3rd child was conceived whilst using condoms and although able to take the pill before I had children, since having them I have tried 3 different ones, each making me unbearably ill.
Since then I have worn a liner every single day, I have random bleedings that last for 2-3 weeks, sometimes red other times brown, disgusting discharge daily. My skin has developed rough bumps down the backs of my arms and legs and the worst discomfort of all is this endless bloating! I have been tested for all types of IBS all coming back clear. Everything I eat leaves me blown up like a balloon and I just can't handle it anymore. I am a small 47kg size 6 but I have to wear jackets and coats to cover my pregnant looking stomach, I have always been strict with my diet, eating very nutritiously but now I can go the whole day without eating a thing and still be fully bloated by the end of the day.
Given I have never had this much discomfort in my life, what else could it be? It must be the Mirena! I'm going to have it removed and will be back to let you know if I feel any better xx

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by momnurse4, Jul 13, 2011
I am behind all of you in whatever action you want to take. The Mirena totally screwed my life I had it for 2 years I had it removed 1-9-08 and all though I am less dressed and angry I still hurts to bad and had to have an ablation done to stop my bleeding. I was recommened the Mirena by my doctor when I was breastfeeding and the above scares me. I wish women would stop being used as lab rats and told the truth about what these doctors put in us. We are moms and wife and deserve to live a normal life not one filled with pain and fatigue. I want my life back I want to be who I was before that damb thing ruined my life.

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by babyncm, Jul 21, 2011
I had had endometriosis as well and they gave me Mirena. I bled non stop and had the worst cramps from it and eventually i had a hysterectomy and left my one ovary. Within 4 weeks of having the hysterectomy i had a cyst on my ovary 5cm in size. But i did not have the hysterectomy because of the mirena i had it because of the endometriosis.
I suggest before going through a hysterectomy have the mirena removed and give yourself at least 3 months for it to be out of your system
I dont suggest anyone use Mirena....

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by tasha332, Jul 27, 2011
i am natasha i got mirena after i had my 2 child i have had problems ever since i have all the semptoms of being prego even feel soething moving i took 2 pregnancy tst last week they came back negative i went to the er and they done another test it came back negative i have periods every month but they r worse than they was before i pass huge blood clots and hurt so bad is that normal symptoms or is it hurting me worse than i thought can somebody pls help me

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by ShanMarie22, Aug 04, 2011
I am 27 years old and had the Mirena put in 9/2009, I had my first laproscopy on 3/2010 to remove Endometriosis and a cyst on my left ovary. I dealt with pain again soon after..and had another laproscopy on 6/2011 to remove more Endometriosis and adhesions. My doctor told me it was the worst she had seen and that now I have to have a total hysterectomy because I'm having bladder pain from the endometriosis attacking my bladder and also on my colon. I go a week without having a bowel movement all the time because of the pain. My surgery is now on the 16 of August this month and will be having the total hysterectomy because there is no other option now. I can't believe that I'm not able to have the choice about being about to have any more babies on my own. But here I am just the same as all of you, and it's not right or fair to have this choice and living with the pain! We should be able to do something about it!! Please let me know if any of you have contacted a lawyer, or have found any other information that could help me in contacting one. Once I have my surgery, I'm going to need something to do for 6 weeks so I will be collecting information. Thank you and God Bless...

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by faithinu74, Aug 23, 2011
im a 36yr old mother of 4 kids. I have polycystic ovaries which means i dont have a regular cycle. I started the pill dianne for about 2yrs then i stopped the pill and i had the Evil Mirena inserted end of september 2010. omg i spotted for 9 months straight not knowing the difference from a period or spotting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. the side affects i had was a foggy head,spotting,stomach bloating,ATTITUTE!!!!!!!!!!, id go off for any reason poor hubby!!!!!!!. after 9 months of spotting it eased for 1 month then all of a sudden my period started to spot for a few days then a week of light bleeding then spotting for another few days which began to last 2-3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got so sick of the bleeding that i had to have a panty liner on everyday. Btw 1 week ago i started to spot for a period 3rd day into my period i was so fed up i made an app with my gyno and disscussed my issue with her we came to a conclusion to remove the Evil Mirena IUD that day and the same night i started the pill Yasmin, the doc said to me as soon as i start the pill from the green section today my bleeding will stop!!!!!!!!!! after having the iud removed i was so relieved.... UNTIL all of i got a heavy period. i thought oh ok maybe my body is cleansing itself. Little did i know now ive been HEAVYLY BLEEDING N CLOTTING LIKE NO TOMMORROW since monday 18th of August over the weekend id had enough of bleeding and clotting.. im so deppressed i lack energy hard n i hate my life. yesterday the 22nd of August i went to see my gyno again n explained my distress she is clueless as whats going on and doesnt know how to treat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg whats with the proffesional gynos these days... option 1 was to have a hysteromy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahha thats bad!!!!!!!!!! or option 2 would to take the Yasmin pill that day 3 tablet for the day then tuesday another 3 tablets, wednesday 2 tablets thursday 2 tablets friday n saturday 2 tablets of yasmin pill again then sunday i sgould skip the white sugar pills n start a new packet!!!!!! omg im going to overdose on these poisonous pills soon im soooooooooooo tired n sooooooooooo angry n moody dizzy deppressed . she said by today my bleeding should stop well hunny im still going for gold!!!!!!!!!!!! please sum1 help me out she reckons my hormones might be going wild. im so scared what might happen to me since putting that crappy Mirena in and out of my body. im going insane. At least check my blood levels and a ultrasound might detect sumthing,  y do sum doctors assume this n that im desperate to c another gyno doc but u could imagine how long it will take to get an opp n GP's sumtimes dont have the best proffesional advise. please sum1 help me b4 i go insane im over birth control

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by crystallynn127, Sep 25, 2011
I had the mirena inserted 6 weeks after having my son. My doctor highly suggested it due to my very heavy and very painful periods and trouble with all other birthcontol i have tried in the past. I bleed for a month straight after having it put in since then only light spotting. Which has stopped my problems with the heavy periods because i no longer have them. Since having it put in having sex with my boyfriend was occasionally very painful. About 8 months ago i started having pain on my left ovary my boyfriend urged me to go see the doctor which i regretfully delayed until i was in constant pain for over two weeks.  During my first ultrasound they discovered a large cyst on my left ovary which the doctor believed had already burst causing my constant pain. My doctor ASSURED me that my cyst was NOT caused by the mirena. Over the past 3 months I have been in constant excruciating pain more so after sex. It was so bad the other night my boyfriend rushed my the the ER. I have since had 3 more ultrasounds and now have a cluster of cysts on my right ovary, and again my doctor ASSURED me had nothing to do with my iud and that my pain should go away. WELL IT HAS NOT! Every day i am in so much pain i can hardly get out of bed making it almost impossible to take care of my 20 month old son alone. Recently i lost my job because im in so much pain i cant move enough to work. THE MIRENA HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT A NIGHTMARE!!!! First thing monday morning I am insisting they remove the horrible thing and be checked for endrometriosis because i have all the symptoms of. I DO NOT suggest the mirena to anyone!

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by STOP_MIRENA, Dec 02, 2011
MIRENA NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET!!! And doctors need to stop promoting it! I've had exactly the same issues and I KNOW FOR A FACT that MIRENA caused it. I was fine until I had it put in and it took about two years before I had constant and unbearable pelvic pain. Long story short, within 2 yrs I developed cysts in both ovaries, my intestines are wrappedal around my left fallopian tube and stage 4 endometriosis. I had laprascopy in may and have another surgery in Jan to take the bowel off the fallopian tube. I'm 25 and my only option for kids is IVF and the Dr isn't even sure if that's an option, it depends on what my ovaries look like after the surgery. I'm DEVASTATED and more so livid that there's nothing we can do and millions more women are going to have to suffer at the hands of MIRENA before they finally realize how dangerous it is! I BEG you DO NOT GET MIRENA!! Its not worth it :(

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by MamaKat811, Mar 22, 2012
I just finished reading through all these stories and my heart goes out to all of you who have had bad experiences. However, I wanted to post my story to offer a different experience. I am 29-years-old and currently have my second Mirena (plastic - I didn't even know they made the copper anymore). I had my first one for about 3 years and have had my current one for close to a year. I have had no issues with either one. The Mirena did stop my periods, although I will experience some light spotting for a few days when it is that time of the month. I also have experienced some bloating, fatigue and nausea; however, I know mine to be caused by another medical condition and not the Mirena. The reason I stumbled on this post is that I suspect I may have an ectopic pregnancy and was looking for more information about the signs and symptoms and wanted to hear first-hand from others who have experienced it. Unfortunately, I cannot blame the Mirena for this because I knew this was a possible side effect when I had the Mirena placed. That won't make it any easier to bear if that is what I'm going through, though. Anyway. The moral of my story is that Mirena will work amazing for some people and unfortunately, it won't for others. For any of you who are considering a Mirena, talk to your doctor, do your research and talk to people who have had a Mirena. Once you feel completely informed, then you can make a decision on what is best for you. Just remember, there are side effects with everything you put into your body, some good and some bad. You have to weigh the pros against the cons before you can make a decision.

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by MommyXfour1988, Apr 22, 2012
I had the mirena put in 2006 after I had my second child, to make a long story short in 2009 I became pregnant on the mirena with twin girls, and one of the twins died because the mirena became embedded in her amniotic sac. But the other twin(we named her Haley) is fine and dandy and she just turned two April 18th, 2012 .

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by siryn, May 10, 2012
I have had Mirena the full 5 years +.  I am scheduled to have it removed tomorrow (we had to wait for insurance).  I don't know what all is wrong but I can tell you this;  I gained 65 lbs. in the first 3 months of being on it.  I am a very tall gal and I am very active. This type of weight gain is rediculous.  I am close to 200 lbs and have never weighed a day over 125 even AFTER having two girls.  My doctor forced me to use Mirena and refused to tie my tubes instead, claiming I was too young.  I assured her I was not intending to have more children. I am 29 now.  My husband is ten years older than I am and we still are very happy to just have our two precious girls.  I have suffered from major cramping, nausea, bleeding after sex, fatigue, my hormones are like a yo-yo. For no reason at all I can blow up at my children and husband or start crying over...what's for dinner. Rediculous! I am depressed all the time (very unusual for me, I am a very happy person). I am gong in to get it removed when the final straw hit and then I read all these horror stories.  I have been doubled over in pain the last week.  now I have a funny smell and a scary colored discharge.  This is gross and embarrassing to me. I am OCD and VERY clean and this is happening.  I have read it is possibly linked to the Mirena. The cramping is worse than being in labor and I had all natural births with both.  Just thought I would share...

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by catgirl23, Apr 26, 2015
I had the Mirena for not even a year (almost though) I was told that it was "highly unlikely" to fall out or cause internal damage well here I am a moth after my friends falls out (and was hospitalized due to bleeding) mine does but not before the preg symptoms. I have a berly positive preg test I'm having cramps moody as hell crazy amounts of discharge. I was put on it after my second he was a pill baby so my Dr said try this. I will NEVER RECOMEND THIS TO ANYONE I have been foggy since day one pain in my hip for the first month this thing needs to be taken off the market it caused worse periods not better ones and WAY worse cramps diarea most days its just bad news.

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by catgirl23, Apr 26, 2015
Oh and about the depo I nearly bled to death on that when I was 17 I bled heavy for almost two months so be careful get all the information first though it might work great for you I have a friend who has been on it for 6years with no problems

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by markochu, Aug 09, 2016
my wife did an Intra Uterine Device (IUD) - Family Planning 2 years ago but has been complaining of severe body pains and fever all the times, what could be the cause?

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