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Nov 09, 2008 - 1 comments

So i haven't written a ournal in a month so I thought I would. I have another cervical length check on Tuesday and I am a little nervous. I haven't been nervous yet, butI have been having a lot of contractions and pressure. I am carrying this little guy very low. I usually carry high and I am wondering if it is from the complications. Sometimes I feel as if he is kicking my cervix and even wondering exactly where I am feeling him. He is super low!! I am enjoying being pregnant as always even though I am quitr uncomfortable. I guess thats all part of it though. I love feeling him moving which is ALL the time. I love to watch my belly when he is moving as it lookes so weird. It contorts into all kids of shapes. I see see elbows and knees poking out every now and then.
He gets the hiccups about once a day now sometimes even more. it is so cute. A friend of mine said she would get tired of the hiccups, but I don't think I could ever get tired of it or annoyed by it. My restrictions are probably the mosr difficult part to deal with. I know the weight gain this time has a lot to do with the inactivity. I get winded just walking into the Dr's office. I have been nesting around the house little by little, but I am limited in what I can do and what I am allowed to do. I am getting very stir crazy though and sometimes I just need to get out of this house.
So here I am starting my third trimester in a few days and I have 8 weeks left! Then the stitch comes out and I am sure he will be coming right after the stitch comes out...

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by tarrah87, Nov 09, 2008
just wanted to say good luck and i hope all goes well for you! i have my stitch put in place on the 3rd and was only on moderate bedrest for about 3 days and was told to take it easy til the 18th my check up but no bedrest yet, thank goodness. hope all goes well for your visit on tuesday.

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