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New Neuro!!!

Feb 08, 2008 - 0 comments

So far so good with my new neuro.

I switched it up after I felt the process was going too slowly with my last neuro. The new one is an MS specialist and is ordering bloodwork for Lyme's disease, auto immune disorders and to check vitamins again(I have been on a high B-12 dose for a few months now and my B's were fine to begin with).

They also scheduled me for an SSEP, and a T3 MRI next month. If the Lyme's comes back negative then we will begin discussing treatment options for MS.  

HUGE relief for the fam and I. We didn't realize how much tension we were holding over my health. (Plus my husband made a new career choice into a promotion...gotta love that.) Good stuff this week. God is good.


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