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Chapter 4 - Here we go again...

Nov 10, 2008 - 2 comments





ivf implant


positive thinking

So I had my implant on Saturday and I'm hoping this is the one...  If only this time, How wonderful would that be...  I've been acupuncture-d, herbed, relaxed and thinking positive!  This has got to be it.  Everything was different this time, I've not been in on a Saturday before, I had a different Doc do the implant and I made Marc come in with me this time.  The eggy was really plump and big and the scientists were really happy with how it looked and said that is was a great looking blastocyst.  I had 9 eggs harvested the Monday before and by the time I had my implant, there was only one ready to implant and one to freeze the rest were no good.  Well it only takes one good one hey.  This has got to be the one.  So I ad 18 eggs at the ultrasound and 9 harvested and only 2 good ones, but most importantly there was one REALLY GREAT ONE!!!  That's all I need, just one good one.

When I went for my acupuncture before and after the implant and it was really funny when I went back after the implant.  Well I go to Marc's best-friend for the acupuncture an blastocyst d his son Jack when I can back and sat on the bed getting ready for the needles said to me, "I can hear your baby talking, and there is an arm and a leg".  So that is funny and as he said this he had his hand and his ear on my belly.  I say that's a good sign!  Well I am hoping it is.  He was so cute and kept asking about my baby and that I wasn't big yet...  So I'm really hoping that is one of those things that is a good sign.

I want this to happen.  I want to be pregnant.  I want to start a family.

Please let this this be the one!

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by sasparilla, Nov 10, 2008
I didn't know you were in the middle of another IVF cycle.  Good luck.. I hope this is the LAST IVF cycle you have to go through!!!

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by angie126, Dec 02, 2008
God Bless You,

I am two in my 2 ivf cycle--i go moday to find out today is tuesday, this is worse than the shots i have to take

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