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Nov 10, 2008 - 0 comments

RAI 131 radioactive iodine

Well I'm here at home quarantined after receiving my RAI 131 on Friday a couple of days ago.  I got really tired but that's about it.  Mostly I miss my dog, and even the misbehaving cat a little.  Thought I'd write in and say hi to all.  Hope all are well.  I asked my doc for the name brand Rx on my daily hormone pill Synthroid, as the drug store guy filled it generic without asking me.  He says it doesn't matter but he did it anyway.  Oddly my surgeon who I saw for a 6 week follow up says it does matter.  Then the two of them each want to run an ultrasound in about 3 weeks.  Which one should I go with?????  Any thoughts from anyone who's has TT and RAI 131 afterward????  Thanks to all with any advice or similar experience or history.

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