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Feeling Blue

Feb 09, 2008 - 9 comments

I was scheduled for an epidural block 3 weeks ago and was given sedation meds.  As soon as they gave them to me, the doc started doing the block.  Needless to say, I was not sedated and started crying very badly.  She got angry and refused to do the block.  She now says that she will not do another one until I have desentization training for the pschiatrist on her staff.  This really upsets me because it was their fault for not giving the medication time to work before starting the block.  I tried to talk with her about this and of course, it was all my fault and none of hers.  

I wish doctors would understand that people with fibormyalgia react and respond differently to things.  Any time I have any type of sedation medication, whether it be before surgery, blocks, or at the sedation dentist, it takes my body twice as long as a normal person to respond to it.  

This has me really down in the dumps because I love the way my doc has made my neck better with radio frequency but I don't love the impatience she has with me.  I guess I just need to vent.  

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by futuredoctor101, Feb 10, 2008
That's mean. My mom has fibromyalgia, and she uses back rollers, we have a hot tub, which you  might not have, but you probably have a bath tub that you can use to relax your muscles. I would talk to the psychiatrist about it, then maybe the psych. doc can talk to your real doctor about it.

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by snapteach, Feb 12, 2008
Thank you for your nice comments.  I really can't talk to the psych about it because he and my neck & back doc are in partnership in the same office.  Kind of puts me in a bind on that one.  I have another appointment very soon so maybe things will go better.

I see from your post name that you intend to be a doctor.  I would imagine that you are going to be a very compassionate, kind one because of your experiences with your mom.  I wish there were more doctors that really understood what it is like for people that hurt everyday of their lives.  My primary care doc doesn't have a clue.  He told me recently that if I stood the pain for a day, then I should be able to handle it without medication for pain all the time.  I do not wish him any harm, but I do wish for one day that he could hurt and be so totally exhausted at the end of the workday that he couldn't even put one foot in front of another.  

I told him that I disagreed with handling the pain all the time without medication because some days the pain is so bad that it drives me crazy and other days I can handle it okay.  I do not intend to go to this doctor again.  If they cannot understand, then I don't need to be there.  I have had fibro for many years and this doc never even suggested that I had it or referred me anywhere for evaluation.  Talk about not being compassionate!  

I wish you the best in your medical career.  It seems like we need more people like you going into the medical field.

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by Paboo, Feb 13, 2008
Hi Snapteach!  Okay....Let's cheer up!  It's almost Valentine's Day and you have to be in a good mood and you have to feel good on Valentine's Day!  That's the rules!  Did you know that??!  

I have received 2 referrals today.  My female gyn has recommended a rheumatologist here in Decatur/Huntsville area, and then my Decatur dentist has information on a "soon to be" doctor (currently at nurse) who has been in the international field of medicine for many years.  This doctor would replace my medical doctor.  As soon as I see them and check them out, I will be happy to forward you all of their information so that you can contact them as well and see if they can help you out.

Made some head way on my meds today...At least was able to obtain the form needed to get signed!  I'm going back to his office in the morning and man, oh man, I pray that he has completed it and ready for me to leave!

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by Sally555, Feb 23, 2008
I'm also a teacher with fibromyalgia, although I haven't worked for several years because of my health problems.  See my question in the forum about home ultrasound machines and NSAIDs.  Ultrasound REALLY helped me.  It's safe, cheap and you don't have to listen to any ****.  

I do the uncontrollable crying thing on occasion too, although it's now much better.  Animals can't cry, only people.  It's one of the things that makes us human.

Have you ever checked out  Maybe you can find a doctor who isn't such a jerk, and who actually wants to help you.  Asking, as sweetly as possible, for a copy of your chart might help too.  In Canada at least, it's your right and it spooks the abusers.  Why shouldn't they feel bad instead of you for a change?

Keep your chin up.


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by Sally555, Feb 23, 2008
Wow!  You editors work fast!  Less than a minute and that wasn't even a swear word.  It was only cr*p.  Maybe it's an electronic big brother.  Very impressive either way.


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by snapteach, Mar 01, 2008
Thanks to all of you that have left comments.  I am in a much better frame of mind even though the pain is not better, I feel better because of finding a caring and compassionate pcp.  He is very knowledgeable about fibromyalgia and knows the difference between pain medicine addiction and dependence.  My pain doctor is great  with doing her back and neck injections and radio frequency, but has no compassion when it comes to the fibro part of pain.  I desperately needed someone to care and help with the fibro pain.  My pain doctor refused to even address that issue and totally ignored my pleas for pain management with it.  I do have an appointment with a doctor that specializes in fibro at the end of March.  I am anxious to see if she is caring like my new pcp or uncaring like my pain doc.  (That seems a little odd doesn't it.  Seems like it would be the other way around.)  

Just needed to vent a little and give an update on my state of mind.  I am in a much better state emotionally which makes all the physical pain a little easier to bear when I at least have something to take for the unbearable pain and know I have some support medically through the worst of the pain.

I am going to New York with my family on a trip with my daughter's school in 2 weeks and am really looking forward to it and hope I make it okay.  If any of you wonderful people out there have any great hints or suggestions for cheap, fun entertainment while there, I would love to hear them.  

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by sandee1818, Mar 05, 2008
Did you contact Mangieri/Fernandaz @ Tuscaloosa yet
These drs are very compassoinate and kind they used to help me when I moved with 6 mth meds and that my friend is very very unheard of with the meds I take. But they done so because of the position I was in and was kind compassionate drs you will not find better pain docs in Alabama!!!!!!

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by snapteach, Mar 05, 2008
I contacted them and they said that my pcp would have to call and set up the appointment.  Since I was in the process of changing doctors at that time, I didn't.  I need to now that I have a pcp that would call and set it up for me.  Thank you for caring and for the info.

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by painaway, Mar 24, 2008
             Deat snaptech, I understand your pain, as I too have chronic pain associated with lumbar fusion (15) and cervical fusions(3). With all the modern thechnology that we have it sounds senseless to me that people like us continue to suffer. The medical community has a long way to go to catch up with the knowledge pain sufferers have come to understand. I don't want medication to cover my pain but an answer to live life without pain becoming a disability. Keep the me painaway!!!!

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