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body twiching and  dizzeness- Neurology community

Nov 10, 2008 - 1 comments





body twiching



I'm 14 years old and i have epilpsy for almost my hole life, sorry if i spell it wrong i have dilexsia too. so like i said i have epilpsy and over a year now i have been having dizzeyness and twiching all over my body. i have had testing  and blood drawn and they all come up normal. and on my testing were they put lectros on your head and wrap it arond with cloth. and have to have it for 3 days. well it came up normal were i pressed the butten for when i had my twiting and dizzeyness. my mom thinks it may be my hormon level and i may have to go on the pill but i don't think so. can you tell me what you think it may be thanks

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by jazz1717, Jan 30, 2011
Hello, I also have been diagnosed with epilepsy since i was 10 but it took them almost 6 years to find somthing to work for me, the blood tests and the brain wave tests that you described also came back normal the first time, but they decided to do it again on me and luckily they caught where in my brain it was coming from so that i got to take off, from there another year later it still wasnt under control and so i was put in a hospital for a week so they could monitor my heart, brain waves and all of my vitals on a 24/7 basis. They figured out that it was still coming from the same part of my brain, and they also figured out that the reason was that part of my brain wasnt being used for anything and it decided to make its own use. They finally got me on medication and i have now been seizure free for 3 years, however dont worry they will figure something out it may take a while but im here to reassure you, that if i can find a reason im sure you can to. :) Good luck and let me know in the future how things are going for you.

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