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Chapter 4 - Here we go again...

Nov 11, 2008 - 1 comments



tww symptoms



I got a call from one of the nurses from the clinic today to see how I was feeling and how I was going over all. I said to her that I felt great, no signs of any sort, but good.  Well she said cross your fingers, toes and eyes and hope for the best.  I even said that I was going to braid my hair, so that everything was crossed!

This morning I felt like I was going to get my period, but that stopped soon enough and I hope that it doesn't come back.  My period would be due tomorrow...  Am I supposed to feel something?  Should I be feeling pregnant, should I have sore boobs or something...?  So should I be feeling something?  I didn't really feel anything before, but maybe I should be if I am pregnant?

Well my pregnancy test is next wednesday and I just hope that I don't get my period and i hope (please, please, please) that this is the one.

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by rosie71, Nov 11, 2008
I will be praying for you that this works!!

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