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God was there

Nov 11, 2008 - 2 comments









help me


Trust God

Lord, I know people were praying yesterday. I have NEVER gone to an apt. so thurough berfore..To have 3 of my doctors on the phone decussing my my case at the same time. This does not happen. Well, it does not look like the pituitary, and it may be what I orginaly thought , my shunt. I just think it's so fasinating that it took over drinking water for them to even consider that. I won't do good laying on my back for 15 minute for the MRI, and then go to get it reajdusted but if it will help I'm all for it. It's less painful then then a tap.
   I have to go down to 48oz of water, this is scary. the last time I went to 40 MMy night was terrible so hopefully a more ounces helps. They put me on a pill that will, help the pee prob, theadaches and help me sleep. But, it will kick in in 3 weeks. Until then I hope less water helps.
Lord you are amazing so much happen yestedat only me you and the dr's know , how much was done. I know you hand is all over this I trust you comletely.

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by HelpinUtah, Nov 11, 2008
Keep the faith!!!  It's true, God watches over us and makes things possible to find out what causes our physical problems if we will just listen and let him help!  God bless you!!!  You are in my prayers that you'll feel better!!!!

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by NautyOne, Nov 11, 2008
God is always watching over us.  We live such stressful and fast paced lives, that we miss the messages. slow down, brake=shoe and listen to body....God created it, and expects you to respect it.  As in the basics of life 101, God gave us the tools and gave us free will to use them how we choose, but there are always consequences as we know.

I got a little of subject here.  Please take care.  I hope you get relief as soon as possible.

Hang in there.


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