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Photo restoration/retouching

Nov 11, 2008 - 1 comments

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Artist/Graphic designer







Well, I am starting this also... along with the other million things in my list.
Have you guys ever seen those pics (some of you have them! they are so cute!!!) of babies that have either angel or butterfly wings?? or even fairy wings? I can do that for you!
Also, if you have an old picture of a family member, a house, or any kind of picture that is scratched, scrunched, damaged in general, I can restore it for you and will send it in digital format and print.
Also, if anyone knows of anyone, or you guys (or dh's) have a business and would like a website makeover... or a brand new one... don't hesitate! I can do that too! all kinds of languages... including flash animation, forms, ecart... etc.

Really cheap prices and great work! I can give you some examples if you want me to. =))

here's an example of many:

Thank you so much for  your help ladies!!!!



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by vsentz, Nov 11, 2008

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