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My hysterectomy

Nov 11, 2008 - 3 comments






Well, the date is drawing nearer for me to have my hysterectomy.  Needless to say, I am getting quite nervous.  Yesterday I got a call from my GP to tell me that the bloodwork done specifically for my ovaries came back abnormal.  I felt like saying 'DUH!  I have cysts on them!!'  If it came back normal, I'd have scrapped my plans to go ahead with this hysterectomy.  The thing that has me scared is that she wouldnt give me any specifics.  Just told me three times to make sure that I called my GYN and discussed the findings with her.  Tried to call today, and go figure, the office was closed for Veterans Day.  My boyfriend says it is most likely nothing to be overly concerned about, but I am still nervous.   Now I have him making me promise that I will call him and tell him what the doc says when I talk to her tomorrow.  Hope its nothing more than the fact that they will have to be removed with my uterus.  No biggie if it is just that.  I'm prepared for that.  Its the other thing that it could be that scares me.  My boyfriend says I tend to over-react sometimes, and maybe I do, but with good cause I think.

Thinking good thoughts.................

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by sunflower333, Mar 21, 2009
Hello I'm new to this site and just reading the discussions and saw yours I know its an old one and you probably had you surgery already and I just wanted to see how you are doing and how it went?  I'm soon to book my hysterectomy soon.

Hope all is well, god bless and hope to talk to you soon.

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by karen1062, Mar 21, 2009
Hello there

Thanks for writing.  Yes, I did have my hysterectomy already and it went well.  It took a little longer than expected due to the endometriosis I had, but all in all it went well.  I was out of work for three weeks total.  I went back sooner than my gyn would have liked, but I could stay out no longer.  I was already not getting paid for the time out.  When I went back, I did half days for the first two weeks.  After that, I was feeling well enough to go back full days, but boy was I really tired by the time I got home.  I am now almost four months post op and although I am feeling considerably better, I still feel twinges of discomfort (not pain) in my abdomen.  My gyn says this is caused by internal scarring which is normal.  All said, the best thing about getting the hysterectomy was no more extremely heavy bleeding every month.  I don't miss that at all.  

God bless and good luck with your surgery.  Please, drop me a line and let me know how it went.

1543839 tn?1293412364
by ihatecrohns, Dec 26, 2010
I just saw this post too. I'm almost 3wks post-op from my full hysterectomy. I had some issues when they went in b/c of the started spreading and my bladder started growing onto the uteris and it was pulled down from the adhesions. they had to do some fixing to the bladder, lift it,
I also have crohn's disease, so they had to take ALL of my intestines out of my body cavity, look them all over b/c they thought the endo had crept into the intestinal areas. luckily it didn't, (about 5mo ago I had lap surgery to remove endo and they had to remove severe adhesions to my intestines and my upper intestines were adhered to my abdominal that had to be fixed and i had a ton of scar tissue the size of a watermelon in my lower abdomen removed too)

SO...I was in the WORST pain I've ever felt after the hysterectomy. over an 18in cut on my belly and I really thought I was going to die!! the pain wasn't able to be put under control. they had to knock me out b/c it was so bad.  I was in the hospital for over a wk.

now i'm having some bleeding (vaginally) bright red and spotting...did any of you have that? i don't know if it's b/c of the holidays, I have a 3yr old daughter who is very active and i pushed myself some, i'm calling my obgyn in the am to ask him about it. i'm still having alot of pain and just thought almost 3wks out it would be a little better.

thanks for listening! :)

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