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Nov 12, 2008 - 2 comments

So I am so excited and had to share....

As all of you know, my boyfriend and I have been trying to find an affordable sub doctor so he can get off luck, ever.  Frustrated, always. Buuuuut, yesterday a girl on here PM'd me with a ton of info and advice and inspiration. She didnt give me a doctor to call because we live in diff states, but, I don't know why...for some reason....she motivated the hell out of me to call, call, call and don't stop calling til we get some help!

So, i did just that. I went home and started calling places with my bf.  The VERY FIRST PLACE i called wanted $400  A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus meds. Hmm, not going to work. So, we call a couple more and found a doctor about 45 min away who is soooooo affordable for us.

He chages $155 for first visit. Then, another $65 for the next week vist. Then another $65 for a vist 2 weeks after that. Then, you see him montly at $90 a month.  This doesnt include the medicine....but, still we can totally do this!  NOBODY will ever understand how insanely happy we are.  His first appt is next friday.......OMG i am so happy. I really am.  

Matter of fact, my bf  just emailed me (from the cell phone).i am going to copy and paste it exactly .....  

Im s0 excitd 2 get beter! I cnt w8 til we cn hav a nrmal life n go bak 2 how we usd 2b.

I really feel as tho we have hope and that girl that emailed me did something to help me find someone and not just settle. I don't know. It is crazy. Gosh, i really hope this is it!

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by scaredmom330, Nov 12, 2008
yeah, It is amazing how people on this format will open their hearts to strangers. So glad this all worked out for your boyfriend. Best of luck to you both.


340590 tn?1290955741
by cathy5841, Nov 12, 2008
ohhh i am so happy for you too.  i know he has struggled...this could be the new beginning for him....remember to do you homework on sub...this is great news....

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