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up all night...

Nov 12, 2008 - 2 comments

yeah, I been up all night. Anyone remember who sang that 80's song? I wish I could get turned around - even my 12 year old is complaining!

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by ILADVOCATE, Nov 13, 2008
I haven't gotten a decent night of sleep in 10 years but that is because of the tardive conditions causing nocturnal spasms although I wish they had diagnosed it when it first emerged when it could have been treatable and perhaps reversed itself on its own as it can if caught in time. However, there were times when I was manic that I could not sleep well though no sleep was rare. I'd say the first issue is to see if the mood stabilizers are adjusted. The second thing is perhaps a sleeping prescription. The only two that can be safely given each day are Lunesta and Rozerem. Rozerem is the best out of the two because it is a synthetic version of melatonin and actually adjusts the sleep cycle so you might ask about that.

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by LetaB, Nov 13, 2008
If something I said above is too personal (I don't see it) tell me and I'll delete it.

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