Happy Happy Joy Joy

May 14, 2012 - 0 comments






Early this morning; while I was sleeping, I had a little accident in my underwear. My stomach had not been feeling too well last night and I was repeatedly up and down from bed going to the bathroom a lot. Then around 3:00 a.m my partner woke me up and said that I smelled really bad. I got up from bed and I could feel that I had evacuated in my underwear...I was totally embarrassed and angry at myself that I didn't know I had messed my shorts. I cried....

After I got cleaned up, I decided to stay up the rest of the morning. I had to go see my podiatrist early in the morning anyways and do a blood draw panel. Strange I had all this energy to do all my house cleaning and get it done so I have a free day today.

I have been noticing a lot going with me as far as my behaviors are concerned. The last few days, I have been euphorically happy and energetic. I don't know what is triggering all this and it seemed to come out of the blue.

During the winter, I am always in a funk and depressed;never able to concentrate or stay focused on anything. And now, I have crawled out of this fog and I'm euphorically happy all the time. and it's beginning to scare my partner. This morning, I caught myself singing an old 60's song I didn't even know and I was able to sing it with the words.

Right now, I'm losing a little momentum and energy. I can feel myself dragging around, but somehow I'm able to complete tasks. Very odd...

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