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AAARRGGG.....Past due date, haven't Dilated one bit.

May 16, 2012 - 1 comments

not dilated


past due date

Baby hasn't even dropped. Less than a Cm. dilated. Baby was due the 14th. It's not like my pregnancy is hard or anything. I just hate feeling/being told that my body may not be able to go through with being pregnant on its own. I grew the baby! I can deliver it! .........aaargg... I have a 41 week placenta (aka stage 3) and their gonna induce me on the 23rd because it could be starting to deteriorate. Who knows, maybe it'll all just happen at once. I really don't want to be induced tho. I want all natural. :( come on baby!! Sex, Walking, Primrose pills.

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by annaluna, May 16, 2012
ah i see now... and stairs are supposed to work good too and a big bouncy ball.. i have been doing all of this too... and the EPO pills as well....

i was induced with 3 of my kids, it was not too bad actually but i hear natural is better i am hoping for one this time around but like you i dont think it will happen 4 me either ;/

how do they know how old ur placenta is? by u/s?

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