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33 Week Check Up

May 16, 2012 - 1 comments

So today I saw one of my midwives for my 33 week check-up. She said that my previous ultrasound that I had was good except the baby's belly was measuring a week behind. The whole reason why I got the u/s done was because my fundal height has been measuring basically 4 weeks behind. She said the limbs and head are measuring perfect but the belly is 6 days behind. So I have to get another ultrasound in about 3 weeks to a month.
She took my blood as well just to check my thyroid levels. Usually they are good.
Everything was doing fine. My fundal height is still measuring behind. (29 weeks) but it has gone up 2 weeks from 2 weeks ago so there is growth.
Makes me worry just a little.
Heart rate was 144.

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by Mom2boys1980, May 17, 2012
Don't worry heather, the baby will be fine!
Throughout my pregnancy I worried about everything, I was told one thing here and one thing there and I had an ultrasound too at 33 weeks and baby is strong, healthy and she's a kicker. Heartbeat was at 143 which is good. So don't worry, the more you do worry the worse it is.. Just think positive :-)

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