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So disappointed =(

May 17, 2012 - 1 comments

Today was my 34 week Dr. visit and monthly u/s.  Baby is small overall, but her abdominal growth has fallen further behind.  From here on out I go to the Dr. twice a week...once for an NST and once for an U/S.  I'm so upset, this is 3 babies, and 3 times this has happened.  I just don't understand why I can't grown big healthy babies.  I was induced with both of my girls, and I was hoping for this last one to go into labor on my own, but now it's looking more like an early induction is on the table.  She was very active and her heart rate was steady during the NST today, and as long as her growth doesn't drop off too much more, and the NST's all look good we will keep her in, and the longer we can keep her in the better chance I can go into labor on my own.  I still have 6 weeks left though, and her abdominal growth has dropped behind fairly quickly, so I don't know that we'll make it that long.

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by kimmery, May 27, 2012
Oh hun, I'm so sorry. It is so hard what you are going through, but take strength from the fact that right now she continues to grow and you are providing her with exactly what she needs right now, and if that changes you will do what is best for her. You are a fantastic Momma and you are doing a GREAT job contending with your challenges. Know that I am thinking of you and your baby girl. xo

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