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Why is this all so complicated??

Nov 13, 2008 - 11 comments









side effects

Pregnancy is supposed to be the most natural thing in the world.  Humans and animals have been reproducing since the beginning of time. So why is this so darned complicated.  This "natural" process now has me taking clomid for 5 days a month.  The side effects make me nutty.  I am weepy, tempermental, and the worse is these hot flashes!!  I am not looking forward to those when I hit menopause.  After the 5 days of clomid, I start taking Robitussin to counteract the dry cervical mucas (or hostile mucas) that clomid causes.  I then pee on a stick for a few days waiting for a smiley face to show up telling me its time to "baby dance" romantic!! I then grab my pre seed and after lay with my hips propped up, afraid to so much as go to the bathroom all night.  I then start of progesterone supplements, watch everything I put into my body and wait another 10 days or so just to pee on more sticks, looking for that second pink line.  If it shows (which it has 4 times now) I worry non stop as to whether or not this pregnancy will continue, or will I lose it like I have the others.  If no second pink line, I start the whole process over again!!

I think I'm having a bad day or something...but sometimes this all feels so insane!!

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208686 tn?1293030503
by pcarsey, Nov 13, 2008
I totally know where you are coming from Amanda. As you know my children are 18, 11 and 6 mo. When I had my daughter I wanted to have another one close to her age so they could grow up together. We tried and tried for years. I ate extremely healthy and well balanced meals.. NOTHING! We finally had surgery to make sure my tubes weren't blocked, had semen analysis done, had blood work after blood work done... there was no explanation! They finally diagnosed me as having Unexplained fertility issues. They put me on different meds after the ones previously didn't work. Still nothing. It took a toll on me emotionally and on my marriage. I was obsessive about getting pregnant! We finally gave up after trying for 5 years. Then I finally relaxed into the fact that I was just not meant to have more then one baby. Still depressed about it though obviously. A year later.. for some unknown reason.. I got pregnant!! We weren't even trying then! My daughter and son are 7 years apart! I can not tell you why all this happens... I wish I could!

I am in no way telling you to give up! What I am telling you is that, it will happen!! I have faith that it will! You (as well as Rachel) are meant to be mothers.. if is is later then sooner! There has got to come a time when the two of you are blessed with raising children! As I told Rachel...... you have some very special people looking out for the two of you that is going to send you a great baby to raise. I know the two of you will be the very best mothers!

Don't give up....... it is meant to happen!!!

((Big Hugs))

229760 tn?1291467870
by rdh1981, Nov 13, 2008
AWWW, Patty is sooooo  sweet!!!!!

Listen, Mrs. Tramp Stamp, crazy or not our time will come!!!!

294043 tn?1354207946
by Helen72, Nov 13, 2008
As someone who went through all infertility treatments and ivf I totally relate to your sentiment.  I wish I had the answers why it is so hard for some of us but I don't.  I can only advise you to keep trying, do not give up and be as aggressive as possible.  Sometimes treatments do help.  Also, make sure that infertility does not spoil your marriage; I know that it's hard to bd on schdule so try to keep the love going.

Many hugs,

178239 tn?1277405491
by tina1111, Nov 13, 2008
I'm sorry you are having a rough time. It is frustrating to say the least. I've been at it far too long now. This makes 25yrs of ttc for me now. I took a few yrs off, but it's been too long. I have been bbt'ing since mercury thermometers and graph paper. Opking since they hit the stores. Hpt'ing since they first hit stores and were like a 12 step chemistry set! lol

Yes, we go through all of this and face so much heartache and disappointment. Then there's always that light at the end of the tunnel. Keep watching that light. I hope it gets brighter for you :)

182926 tn?1273012392
by 7preg3b, Nov 13, 2008
wow..  It really does sound crazy..  I've never had to go through all that to have a baby.  I would though.  I really don;t know how I will handle it if I don;t get pregnant when I want to..  More power to you,  I don;t know if I would have it in me..  Every month I bd every other day..  I don;t test or use opk.  I am sure to hit our fertile day this way..  we can;t try until af arrives but I'm sure I will be on an emotional roller coaster too..   My prayers will be for you to have two line..  when you test.

377493 tn?1356502149
by adgal, Nov 13, 2008
Thanks for all the warm comments and support.  In all honesty, I know how many out there have faced far worse then I have, so I try really hard not to feel sorry for myself.  But every now and then...

Tina, wow, 25 years.  I have read some of your posts and comments, and you stay so positive...and lol..a 12 step chemistry set...

I know full well it will happen, somehow, someway.  Just every now and then I need to get this out of my system, have a mini  poor me moment, then pick my chin up and move off to pee on a

427454 tn?1315500950
by Prayerful2528, Nov 13, 2008
I am praying that you will get your break through soon!  I was just talking to my sister-in-law about how so many woment take having a baby for granted.  When others would give anything to have a precious life.  You hang in there, because one day soon, and I mean very soon you will get your BFP!  

667409 tn?1309152183
by SoCalTricia, Nov 15, 2008
I'm so sorry you're having a bad moment! I can't say that I can relate to the frustration...this is only my third month trying...but I do hope and pray for you and everyone else here who is trying so hard to have a baby! You seem like you will be a fantastic mother! And - Prayerful - I know what you mean about women taking having a baby for granted. I'm a probation officer, and I work in a court room every day with drug addicts who are in treatment programs. It disgusts me how many of these women are pregnant now, or recently were...six kids who have all been taken away, and they're pregnant again! The injustice of it just floors me! Can't take care of their kids, or stay clean during a nine month pregnancy, and they breed like stinkin' rabbits! Argh! Anyway...Amanda...your positive spirit and determination are inspiring!

377493 tn?1356502149
by adgal, Nov 16, 2008
You know, once again I am reminded.  This is probably the only place I have found where I can come and be completely open about how all this feels, and others really understand.  Its so reassuring.  I also have met so many who have been through far worse then I, yet remain strong and positive.  Many have now achieved their goals and become mothers against all odds.  Although I would never wish this struggle on anyone, I am so grateful that so many are willing to share their stories.  We keep each other positive, and we all truly understand.  What a wonderful thing that is!!

Hugs to you all, and thanks for the comments.


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by cleopatrauno, Nov 17, 2008
Hi Everyone!  I am a newbie and am looking for some advice.  My husband and I just started trying, on and off since July 2008.  Main issue a couple of months ago was I was taking a few courses and very stressed out with exams and all.  We were having sex only around ovulation time like 2-3 times for the month then nothing until the next month.  

I have had a m/c before in my early 20's so I know it's not that I can't get pregnant at all.  We tried around my ovulation time and a few months ago I knew I was ovulating was because of my CM.  I am getting very anxious and upset, frustrated because it's not happening fast enough.  I'm 36 years old and I feel very old (no offence to anyone) I just have back problems and depression.  
This may sound like a silly question but here goes...question is, how often should we have sex in a month?  

Thanks in advance to all that reply.  Any other advice is greatly appreciated.  I am officially driving my husband NUTS!  :)

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by grammy64, Nov 17, 2008
I am sorry you are struggling.  It always amazes me how no one mentions infertility or pregnancy loss in regular, every-day conversation unless you bring it up first and then it seems like every single person has a story.  Im keeping my fingers crossed for you. I went thru years of secondary infertility and now my DD has unexplained infertility and 4 m/c with no children.  So, I commissurate - on the side of feeling stressed about it for myself and now wanting it so badly for a loved one that I could spit....

Tina - Graph paper!  I did 6 years of graph paper!  Hahahaha - we're sisters!

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