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sitting in ICU

May 17, 2012 - 1 comments

pulmonary embolism

I am sitting here in ICU at a very wonderful and knowledgeably staffed hospital. I came in with shortness of breath and chest pains. I was admitted for 23 hour observation of my heart because I had a few rhythm problems in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. but the next day the doctor stated that my heart was doing good so he was going to discharge me, but I explained to him that the chest pain was secondary and the shortness of breath was the main thing wrong. To appease me he stated that he would give me a VQ scan to see if I had a blood clot in my lungs, but since I take coumadin and my INR was 2.1 that the test would be negative. Well the test stated that I have a large Pulmonary Embolism (PE) in my right lung. So I have been here in the hospital in ICU since the saturday before Mother's Day, hopefully I will be going home tomorrow. I have been given pages upon pages of information on CHF, Coumadin, and living on a cardiac diet, but I have gotten anything about what life is going to be like after I get home. While here in the hospital I still get periods of shortness of breath and chest pains. I feel better while on oxygen but my O2 sats are not low enough to get a prescription for oxygen. I have seen so many articles online about PE's, in reference to symptoms, treatment and risk factors, but none of them talk about the recovery period and what to expect.
I want to know what will happen during the recovery period...hopefully the nurse will give me something to help calm my fears or reoccurrence :)
At any rate the doctor stated that I was one of those rare people that need to be maintained on a higher dose of coumadin, using an INR of between 3 - 3.5.

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by GardeniaDreams, May 18, 2012
maybe the more coumadin has to do with the type of sickle cell disease/ blood disease you mentioned in a former journal post. Coumadin interacts with other meds. Myself I am not using this. I do know persons who use this  then your blood levels are measured regularly. Medhelp does not like us to post medical  links. Over on the fat folks Dimensions  Forum I mentioned this some time ago I am also there as Orchid. Someone started a thread on CHF in Health section and asked me to post some info there you will find lots
of links to CHF for the USA. The hospital/heart thread started by me as Orchid scroll to large wall text post is my CHF story some typo's but very readable when you are better I tried also to give and idea of how  life is with CHF.
.Cardiac diet is no salt low sodium no fatty foods some olive oil. I cook from scratch to avoid salt.
Hospitals have booklets on this but I also posted a link of a USA hospital  booklet over on the Dimensions Forum. There is info about Coumadin online when using this be very careful wounds bleed and do not stop bleeding , get help then. Tell you dentist that you are on bloodthinners and with the CHF you need antibiotics before any dental work that causes bleeding as then bacteria can get to the heart.
Maybe you can get temporary oxygen to get some relief. In a previous answer to you I mentioned the University Medical Center Maryland. I know folks who had a PE and recovered well but it takes time.
All heart and lung isssues cause tiredness so take it easy. Rythm problems I am familiar with . Those are not nice awful feeling. There are support groups for all these things. Ask hospital if they know of any. Hospitals have revalidation sort of get well therapy mild exercise in hospital itself for cardiac patients. Well hope you recover soon take care. Greetings.

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