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May 18, 2012 - 1 comments



Weight gain



I have cut down on what I am eating and been walking and I'm still gaining weight.  I am so miserable right now.  I would give anything for a really good stomach virus.  They are always good for a few pounds of weight loss.  I hate myself.

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by pamz69, May 26, 2012
ahhh.. i was just looking up about wellbutrin sr+if it makes you gain weight but ive only been on it4...3weeks.. and i read your comment dont be so down on yourself( im being sorta hipacroitical even saying that) because u sound like me:(   ive gained35pounds in the last9months+i am a personal trainer its my job+i cant work fat im sad+disgusted2,i KNOW what2do+4whateva reason i cant do it i also eat good lately+work out like crazy i rejoined weight watchers a month ago+gained2more [email protected] standstill+unsure what2do i just had a physical+everything was perfect i was preying i had a thyroid problum but nope its me...anyway i jus was hopein my story mite help u feel better although i kno it wont cuz when ur unhappy about weight NOBODY+or nothing can help you feel better i understand sorry...pamela le..

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