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Nov 14, 2008 - 0 comments

so i am extremely pissy.  I found out i finally have worked enough hours to qualify for FMLA on weds!  so i was happy because if i miss anymore work granted it has been since april which went against me, but over labor day weekend i got sent home and then was unable to return to work the next day because i was put on some new medications to help what i was going thru at the time.  i didnt get in trouble for that because my manager knew there was stuff going on, but i dont think she will be as nice next time around.  so i mentioned the FMLA to my new dr. who i have only seen well Wed was my second appt with him.  when i told him he told me that he thought that with proper medications he should be able to make me fully functional!!! what the hell?? i am fully functional dip ****!  i just have bad times, what happens if i have issues with meds again while he is TRYING to "properly medicate"me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'll lose my job and it will be all his fault.  What to do.  I contacted my old Dr. and i am waiting for a call back to see what she thinks i can do since she knows my history better.  we shall see.  i have had a very busy week and i am going to stay home and watch movies and relax because i just am not feeling very well i feel on the break of tears so its best if i just stay home.  then i can be happy tomorrow when i get to go out with old friends for my late bday!!  i guess that is something to look forward to.

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