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Breast lump

Feb 11, 2008 - 1 comments

I am w/f 21 years old. I noticed my left breast is visabily larger than my right. I noticed a lump that is getting bigger. I went to my family doctor, he agreed. He sent me to a surgeon, he felt the lump, then did an ultra sound. He said the lump is all normal breast tissue, but it is painful. Have you ever had the feeling that something isn't right? I want to go to another doctor, but I can't really afford to go and be told the same thing...anyone have any information?

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by vana88, Jan 13, 2009
I know exactly what you mean, only my left breast seems a tad bit droopier...if that makes sense. And I totally get what you mean by the painful sensation it brings... When I stretch my arms over the side of the bed while laying on my stomach or even recieve a hug or lay on it wrong it hurts, I agree that I have the feeling sometimes it seems like "something isn't right" I just want it looked at, check, and removed if need be, but I can't afford this either. I'm 20 and turn 21 on the 23rd of January... let me know if you get any good information!

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