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Week 7 Sun 17.01

Nov 16, 2008 - 1 comments

Had the family over yesterday, grandma's birthday, elder son to meet new baby, sister over from OZ.  Exhausting. Really amazed me that everyone knew I was sick and no one brought food or helped John with any of the work unless asked and then it was minimal.  I was so tired, glad when I could go to bed and glad when everyone left this morning at about 11 am.

However, everyone had a lovely day - our first real weekend summer day this year, outside on the deck amongst the grapevines, lovely to see all my grandchildren together for the first time.

Got to do it again in 1 month for K's 21st.  Early dinner in a restaurant - all I will be able to cope with.

Feel ok - tired.

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by survivor2003, Nov 15, 2008
Ask for Procrit

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