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Chiari Malformation I - What is it?

Feb 12, 2008 - 4 comments

chiari malformation





I was diagnosed with the condition in December 2007. I had decomporession surgery on 1/24/08.  I'm doing great and definitely on my way to recovery.

If you're not familiar with the condition, please visit my site at:

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348314 tn?1358018113
by biz_mom, Feb 28, 2008
I was dx in Dec-07, and I have a planned decompression surgery 3-5-07, how long is the recovery period.

417407 tn?1203808510
by calgal7822, Feb 28, 2008
I'm just over a month post-op.  I'm feeling really good.  No more headaches, neck/shoulder pain, dizziness..etc.  I still have a little pain from the incision...but that's expected.  I could drive short distances and I could actually start to do some light exercises.  

I was given 8 weeks off work by my neurosurgeon, but I think I might go back on 6th or 7th week.  I work in the office, so no heavy lifting or anything that could undo my recovery so far.

Are you going to have your dura open and get an implant?  Will your surgeon remove your C1?  I had both and was fortunate to be released the next day after the surgery.  I was scheduled to stay at the hospital for 3 days, so I was suprised.

Anyway, I wish you the best on your surgery.  I have a blog about my Chiari Malformation I experience on my website.   Feel free to check it out:

348314 tn?1358018113
by biz_mom, Apr 04, 2008
Right now I'am a little over 4wks post-opt...I had my dura opened, and had my C1 removed. I stayed in the hospital for seven days. My incision is starting to itch. I'am using  hydrocortisone 2.5% , I hope thats  okay... I have seven children and it is very hard on me, I don't want to mess up my recovery. I'am back to cooking, cleaning, and taking care of my kids. I'am just taking plain tylenol for my pain, everything else makes me to sleepy.(I have a 2yr old) at night when I sleep it feels  like a Mack truck has slammed into my body. How are you in your recovery?  when did you start driving?   Did you have and problem with the dura patch? or any kind of leaking?

417407 tn?1203808510
by calgal7822, Apr 04, 2008
Just over 3 months post-op here and I'm doing great.  Thanks for asking.  Wow, you have a hard situation - having children and doing all the housework.   Be very careful!  As my neurosurgeon told me when I started feeling good after 1 month post-op.  "Don't do too much...just really light work.  The insicion inside, the dura patch is still in the process of healing and you don't want to undo what it has already healed".  My incision also started to itch a few weeks after the surgery, but the doctor said it's because of the hair starting to grow back.  The itch is now gone.  I had no problem with the patch nor any leaking - fortunately.  Though, one of my lymph nodes swelled up - it's gone now.

I drove on my second follow-up appointment with my doctor..about 6 weeks after the surgery.  I still couldn't turn my head all the way at the time, but fortunately the doctor's office is nearby.  I have another appointment in a couple of weeks.  One thing I want to mention to my doctor is my neck is constantly making a popping sound - no pain though (well sometimes there's a little pain).  

Overall, I'm doing great.  

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