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He did it!!! He Popped the question....

Nov 17, 2008 - 23 comments

I'm in serious denial right now = D... Can this really be true...

Last Night I came home from work ( i worked 3-11)  And I was soo soo tired.. I walked in my front door and all of the lights were out. I tried to flip the switch for the lights and no go.. I round the corner into my kitchen and I see all of these candles lit ( no biggie I was thinking Matt lit them because of the no power) so I lazyily throw my things on the floor and start to climb the stairs.. and I see more candles lit on the stairway.. ( still no thinking anything of it)  I make my way of the stairs and go towards my bedroom. I open up the door and there on the floor are pink and white rose petals layed out in the shape of a heart and my baby girl Aubree sitting in the middle of them.. I was like WTF? ya know.. I said to Aubree "Daddy made a mess didn't he?"  She laughed ( shes only 5 months but i swear she laughed because what I was saying was true) and I go to pick her up and she is holding a little box in her hand.. I said " aubree what did you get into?" Then I heard a noise behind me and it was Matt ... he was kneeling in front of me.. and he said " So.. You want to do this?"   I was confused... he told me to open the box and so I did and there staring back at me is a beautiful engangement ring ( nothing real fancy but still beautiful) I dropped the box and screamed.. this caused Aubree to cry b/c I scared her.. so I bent down to pick up aubree and I was trying to calm her down and Matt still kneeling says " There is nothing more beautiful to me then you standing there, your hair a mess, holding our baby girl.. I want the rest of our lives to be just like this. I never want to spend a day apart from you.. Angela Renee Harlan will you give me the honor of being your husband?"  I was crying hysterically .. Aubree was crying... and of course I said YES!!!!  

He had planned the whole thing.. he cut off the power .. lit all the candles... positioned Aubree in the middle of the petals... he did everything.. I was soo surprised.  I just couldn't have asked for a better proposal and the fact that he included Aubree in it made it even more special.. so as of November 16th, 2008 I am ENGAGED!!!!!!  ( the same day one year ago that I got my BFP)  I still feel like I am living in a dream...

We are gonna get married on October 18th, 2009 = D

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by mamaofonetrying42, Nov 17, 2008
Ahhh, congrats girl! I am so happy for you!!! (((hugs)))

552767 tn?1262188176
by holly_b, Nov 17, 2008
That is the sweetest story! Congrats and I hope you have a long, happy life together. Best wishes to you!

145992 tn?1341345074
by mami1323, Nov 17, 2008
That is a beautiful story and a lovely proposal.  He did a great job.  I wish you the best.

654038 tn?1326302599
by honeybear56, Nov 17, 2008
this is TOO CUTE!!! I am so jealous...i wish my engaement was as cute as this, but i knew mine was coming and i got to pick out my ring and it was realy expensive so i guess that was my surprise. I am so happy for you. I wish you and your family the best!

284738 tn?1283106819
by pinkbelle, Nov 17, 2008
thanks Ladies = D.. It was truly unexpected.. I honestly didn't think he was gonna propose any time soon.. but i was wrong : D ... yea hes a very creative guy

121828 tn?1333464491
by kellym, Nov 17, 2008
I want to marry him.....ha ha, congratulations, how very exciting and romantic!!

562884 tn?1279632334
by kikicoates78, Nov 17, 2008
So you totally made the hormonal pregnant girl cry!! He did SO good, My hubby tried but nothing like your Matt! On the anniversary of your BFP! He deserves an award! Lucky girl, I hope you rewarded him a little ;) hehe

187316 tn?1386356682
by alaysha, Nov 17, 2008
Congrats! What a cute way to pop the question!

178239 tn?1277405491
by tina1111, Nov 17, 2008
What a thoughtful and romantic man!! Enjoy it now. Once you get married, they forget how to do all that stuff, lol. (just kidding, every once in a while they can still pull it out) Congrats!

184622 tn?1258556367
by baboojamaica, Nov 17, 2008
That is so awesome- what a great story!  Congratulations!!!!!!

290867 tn?1333569278
by Linzola1, Nov 17, 2008
YAY YAY YAY Congratz! I am so happy for you! How sweet!

611067 tn?1458591483
by HelpinUtah, Nov 17, 2008
What a truly romantic, sweet way of becoming engaged!  He is a thoughtful man - you are a lucky girl!  Congrats and good luck!!!!

340590 tn?1290952141
by cathy5841, Nov 17, 2008
what a sweet story....

250155 tn?1485295939
by kennedydp5, Nov 17, 2008
ok, now i'm crying too!!!  :)  that is so sweet!!!  and too funny that both you and aubree were crying at the same time!!!!

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by emergancypain101, Nov 17, 2008
That's wonderful and I hope you two love birds have a wonderful and amazing wedding that is so beautiful for him to do all that for you . Thats when you know he's a great husband. Live your life wonderfully, and may God bless all three of you.

282955 tn?1394730951
by tea_berries, Nov 17, 2008
WOW it could be hormones but I am teary eyed reading your post.  That is so sweet and your baby girl being in the plan of proposal was the sweetest thing ever.  congratulations! have a wonderful wedding ! I am happy for you... Sorry I just have to say something because its such a sweet proposal

594189 tn?1386916607
by lori0615, Nov 17, 2008
I'm now crying at work.

That was so sweet.

684658 tn?1239384954
by driftersgal, Nov 17, 2008
What a beautiful story!!  

193137 tn?1367880063
by sk123, Nov 17, 2008
Congratulations! That's such a wonderful it's time to plan your wedding! How fun!

401786 tn?1309152034
by Jacqui805, Nov 17, 2008
I don't know ya from anyone else, but that's a great story and it made me smile.....Congratulations! : )


284738 tn?1283106819
by pinkbelle, Nov 18, 2008
Thanks Ladies... This last year has been like a roller coaster lots of ups and downs.. but we seem to have got it to level off and things are going really well for us .. i think thats what he was waiting for.. for things to settle down before he popped the question..  

sk123 I have already started... Last night I stayed up half the night researching ideas on the web... :o) and now I have to drag my butt to work at 9

148691 tn?1260194903
by vsentz, Nov 18, 2008
OH MY DEAR GOD GIRLFRIEND!!!!! BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think if dh would have done that I would have had to be wearing some serious 'Depends' on!!!! lol

That is AMAZING! what he said probably is chizzled (oh sorry about my poor spelling!!!) in your heart for EEEEEVERRRRR!!!!! =))) not to mention that he placed little Aubree there!!! (which she's more than adorable as it is!)

That is so awesome!

Ok... so the wedding is in a year?? (

*thinks to self*

.....'that'll give me enough time to save some $$$ and Maddie will be old enough to fly and play with Aubree.... '


284738 tn?1283106819
by pinkbelle, Nov 18, 2008
Vanessa - hahaha thanks girly... i was def. surprised... but hey I got myself a creative fiance * i still love saying fiance*

you wouldnt have to fly we live like hours from each other..  ; )

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