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stuffy nose, pain in ears, lightheadedness, kinda-tight throat what do i have?

Nov 17, 2008 - 0 comments

stuffy nose


pain in ears




kinda-tight throat

this all just started recently and it's driving me insane! i try to lay down and sleep but, then i can't breathe. so then i have to sit up and go outside in the cold and breathe in through my nose really hard. every time i blow it, the mucus never leaves. i almost fell when i was walking down the stairs this morning! i'm scared to go to school tommarrow and all this week but, i can't miss anydays because i don't wanna get behind like i did the last time i had this. I've had it 4 times this year! i just think it's a sinus infection but, the sinus infection medication i am taking isn't working at all!(taking Sudefed, if anyone was wondering) i don't like to feel this way and i hate that if i go to school that i might give it to someone else. My ears won't pop and they throb constantly, my throat just feels tight all the time. i just wanna fell better. plz someone help me!

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