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This past weekend

Nov 17, 2008 - 0 comments





skin allergies

The worst pain day over the weekend was Sat., but I also spent Friday in bed. That was due to still getting over the nasty flu thingy I had upon returning from that trip. Saturday you could have literally drawn a  line right down the center of my back and that was the pain.. I also broke a mild fever, didnt measure it I just know I had one I could feel it all over my body..
I have had very little appetite, I also find myself struggling. Although I am a tough cookie, this weak has beaten me rather than me beating it..
I am determined that I will win this week..
I messed up on my last visit to the Doc and forgot to have my hips injected which threw a massive wrench in my being able to bounce back..
The thing with my hips, is those suckers can keep me in bed all by themselves..
Today I turned 30, I was not excited about it at all..
But, it turned out to be ok..
No one that I had been friends with called. But my family did.. Which was just fine with me..
I have learned that friends are just people who want something from you and when you no longer want to give them anything but a listening ear, the phone stops ringing..
So I am only offering friendship to those who want nothing more then a shoulder to cry on, and someone to laugh with and to try and understand..
Live and learn..
Thats my journal for today

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