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Nov 18, 2008 - 0 comments


I've been having frequent migranes every since i was little and they are getting worst. They would last a whole day or I'll take 4 ibuprophen it would stop for a mintue or 2 and come right back. when I get them I can't stand sound, can't move my head i gots to stay i one spot or my head will start banging, light. Can't play on the computer that long, can't watch much of TV, and the number 1 thing is the sun/heat  which will trigger my headaches. If i go for along time without eating something it will start throbbing. i can't sit in a dark room because when i stand up I'll get dizzy/lightheaded. What do I need to do about these migrane headaches, cause tylenol, advil, and these other pills are not working for me?

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