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Feb 13, 2008 - 0 comments

Below is message I posted on 2/2/08, the day after I got the results from tests. The full test results are filed at home.

After review by the hepatologist, he said he was not confident in these types of tests and suggested a biopsy, which I had on 2/11/08.


I got my test results yesterday from the ultrasound and fibrosure.  It sonds good and my family physician seemed very optimistic. he is sending it all to a Hepatologist, but he did not see any reason for treatment or concerna t this point, even thoug my VL was very high last (19 million) time it was tested.

Here are the results...tell me wht you all think

Ultrrasound: Complete Abdomen Sonogram
  Fundings:  The liver has a normal appearance with no abnormal masses and a normal size (said other organs wer normal also)
  Conclusion:  Normal study

HCV Fibrisure Results:

Fibrosis Score                   0.26 (H)
Fibrosis Stage               F0  -  F1

Necroinflammat Act. Score   0.21  (H)
Necroinflammat Act. Stage   A0  -  A1

There was a numerous other blood test, but I think it looks good. I really don't know what it means, but the doctor was pleased, so I was too.

I was surprised seeing that I predict that I got Hep C about 35 years ago and have been a mod-heavy drinker of beer for many years.  I had expected the worse.

Of course, I still have the hep C, but may not to worry about treatment for some time.  I should have a results of the review by the hepatologist next week.

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