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Nov 18, 2008 - 0 comments










so i've been drinking vodka and smoking again. They've always been old habits. I also got the Imovane again, so between those, im all good. I mean i went out with Marsha this weekend, which proves that im okay socially. My work is getting done, but im soooooooo tired.

I miss my home and my doggies. Im working on my story because i dont want the world to forget who's really suffering. im purposefully adding that one of the characters that's sent to the concentration camp is mentally ill....

I've had suicidal thoughts for a while and i finally have an appointment with the counsellor. I mean, well that's why i havent been keeping up with the trackers...dont feel like it...

was researching japanese suicide pacts a while ago...dunno if i told you guys this...

i have approximately 23 years to live before my internal organs shut down, i also may have a brain getting that checked out in january...

im trying different methods of keeping me sane. I no longer abuse my medication. Im doing the energy drink which makes me manic for a while...

am keeping my private life somewhat private.

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