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Kitchen disaster

Nov 18, 2008 - 0 comments



Bipolar Depression





OMG, I'm laughing and crying at the same time. Not a big deal, I just happened to lose my opportunity to have some homemade chocolate muffins tonight. I was so proud of myself while mixing the dough - I thought I had progressed and learned so much during past few weeks. Of course this evening's failure doesn't take away the progression I've made at housekeeping, but right now I feel like that. On the other hand, this is just hilarious.

When the muffins had been in oven for a while, I happened to check them. There were no muffins: I could not see any cups, I guess they had made a quantum jump to another galaxy. I could only see a big dough lump, that looked like a living creature and obviously wanted to take over the whole oven. I had to take the alien out. I tried to rescue some of the muffins, but it was already too late. They wouldn't rise anymore. In addition, I'll have to clean the oven before I can bake again (right now it feels I'll never touch any kitchenware again). I'm so disappointed!

Other things going on today: skipped classes, stayed home, read the novel my friend sent to me, ate pizza. I guess that's all. I've been feeling quite fatigued. It might be because I've had some sleeping issues and I've needed to take an extra dose of Seroquel in the middle of night. I'm allowed to do that, but I don't like it. I miss the good old times I didn't need any sleeping aids.

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