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Real Help For Autism!

Nov 18, 2008 - 2 comments



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Asperger Syndrome


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I wanted to add this testimonial from people on our website. It is about Autism and I will post it exactly the way it came to me:

We as parents are very excitied what Natural Cellular Defense is doing for our daughter ( Shania ) . Ann Sammarco took it upon herself and sent us a bottle of NCD after I told her my daughter was diagnosed on October 28 2008 with Autism . We received our bottle of NCD on November 13 2008 at 2:00 and started at that time giving my Shania two drops and then two more before bedtime . After three days here is what we have discovered about Shania in JUST THREE DAYS  1. has stopped slapping herself.
2. has stopped pushing and shoving her little brother
3. started hugging her little brother
4. sitting very quiet and watching tv with eyes glued to tv
5. stopped running all through the house and screaming
6. words are no longer slurred
7. putting sentences together for the first time
These are really amazing trends in just three days.  Anyway Ann just a short note to let you know how Shania is doing . Thanks from the bottom of our hearts .

Dennis & Marie, Shania & Dalton -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If anyone is interested in getting more info about this please just ask by sending me a message. I'm here to help as many people as I can. I'm not a medical doctor and make no claims.

Shine on,

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by yangzom, Apr 21, 2009
hi thanks for your post. my baby who is two and half year old has mild pdd.  i have just ordered super nu thera and three lathe way how old is c. i read couple of books which mentioned those two supplements help but had never heard about NCD. what is it and how does it help..... if you could shade a little light on this than i would be really greatful... thank you in advance for your help. by the way how old is Shana?  my love to her

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by doodle55, Oct 07, 2009
soory i didn;t do it right i now she has autistic symptoms  but what is NCD what does it contain where can i get it please

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