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what to do with my three year old cousin who's hurts his brother

Feb 13, 2008 - 1 comments

out of control behavior




need help


I need help


help for three year old cousin

I have a three year old cousin who has been acting out for a long time and it has gotten worse over the past seveal months, i think some of it's because of the arival of his twin brothers three month's ago. He hits them, steps on them, pinches them, throws things like salsa jars at there heads, tries to feed them stuff they can't hav. but before they were even born or conceieved he would hit people, bit people, hit punch, and this list can go on for ages. his parents and I have tried every thing to get his behavior under control but nothings working. We are afrid to even have him in the same room as them even if there is an adult there. what should we do. we need help or answers to our questions before he hurts his brothers or anybody else again. his brothers have had trips to the hospital because of him

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by momma1976, Feb 13, 2008
It sounds like he is a bit jealous, and he knows he is not getting all of the attention anymore, so he is acting out to get attention. Is there any disciplin in the home? and is the discipline the same by everyone? are they making him feel like a big brother?

here are a few things to try

1. the parents should set aside time just for him, w/o the twins, like take him to the park or just to have time each day to play w/ just him, this way he will feel like he is not left out
2.the parents should also let him help a little bit with the twins, to make him feel like a big brother the "Super Nanny"  we use the time out chair, the child sits in the chair for 1 minute times their age-
you need to be stern and tell the child why they are sitting there when you place them there, and walk away, no one should talk to him at this time , if he gets up put him back on the chair tell him again why he is there, if he gets up any time after you just keep sitting him there and do not speak to him- make sure you use a timer each and every time- when the timer goes off before he gets up you need to ask him why he was sitting there ? once he tells you he then needs to appologize to the person and give them a kiss.
4.if nothing helps talk to the dr and possibly go to counseling

hope this helps

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