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Fibro Flare

Nov 20, 2008 - 2 comments








I am having a Fibro flare worse than others I have had in a while.  It is probably  because of the cold weather, the stress of moving, all of the tasks and errands in preparation for the move, classes and work.  I have a very high pain tolerance, but I really really want to break down in tears and cry.  I think I should probably just take my night time meds and pray for peaceful rest.

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698232 tn?1229600061
by blalock, Dec 18, 2008
Im so sorry to hear this. I had been doing good all weekend, and had a great time shopping all weekend. I felt good all over , and then I posted a blog on another site I also use about how I had been feeling great. I guess I jinxed myself because I had a horrible day today. I then took my ambien to go to sleep, and woke up with the wonderful legs cramping bad, and so I have not been to bed yet..I could easily fall asleep, but the pain wont allow it. BLAH..I hope you feel much better soon..

688587 tn?1256741162
by Nyrsaeans, Dec 28, 2008
I have not been on Ambien for a while.  I've been put on Tizanidine.  Its a muscle relaxer and it knocks me out.  Have you heard of it before?  I think i need to research it more.

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