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The Holidays...start a new thread perhaps?

Nov 20, 2008 - 3 comments

Well i can say that for husband and will again be a struggle and a lonely holiday. with our families scattered around the US, and m husband out of work. I Know i as well as many...Need to being in the positive. Step out of ourselves...out of our comfort zone and reach out to others as well as pulling it from our make this a Joyous time of year. we usually "keep things simple for the holidays" anyways. How to bring in inner peace?

Divine inner peace and unbounded happiness is possible within you right now.  In fact, within each moment there is a window of opportunity to letting go of the usual tiresome way of dealing with your life and discovering a completely different angle to life's perpetual dangle.

From the most basic to the most complex situations you encounter, you'll discover that every experience is trying to teach you something.  The ultimate lesson is how to be supremely happy, joyful, loving and free!  It is not a hard lesson to learn, but rather a very soft and gentle one.  Once you commit to being gentle with yourself, you'll learn EVERY amazing lesson life throws your way!

Often the lesson that we first need to learn to find inner peace right now is how to remain centered in this present moment.  Once we can remain centered in this moment, we stop fighting life and start learning our lessons!   The very center of our innermost being contains the greatest source of love, joy, and peace.

If your life is full of stress, problems, and pain your mind has been running the show for far too long.  It is time to learn how to shut off the mind and find this infinite ocean of peace inside.  To connect with this abundant state of inner peace inside you is about letting go of the mind.  To tap fully into your natural state of Unlimited Happiness you'll first want to learn how to quiet the mind by learning how to meditate.  

By stopping the mind, you master it and essentially master your life.  Even when the mind is 50% mastered, you'll see you have more clarity, freedom and inner peace in your life.  

With time you will find that your peace of mind is not dependant on outer circumstances, but rather on the choices you make in your inner world.  When your mind is quiet and you are centered inside, amazing things begin happening! A little at a time

MAYBE...We all can pick up another's SPIRIT this HOLIDAY...How will you bring in peace to your holiday, to your inner self? LET"S NOT OVER STRESS OURSELVES this season. :O)

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by snoozies43, Nov 20, 2008
UPLIFTING...only! Many of us tend to dwell on the negative. We have our own journals to write about them:)

Reaching out to another for eachother....Bumping..next1

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by snoozies43, Nov 20, 2008
Heyyyyy i even have an idea!  lol

IF one can afford 2....maybe make a small craft item, or bake something...and give it to someone in need? Many local homeless shelters, the salvation army, churches etc..."just drop it off to them" see that someone gets it. Or a "pay it forward" type thing? make a little something for a sick lonely neighbor. Expect nothing but a cheerful heart for "giving".
Step out of our comfort zone...if you can.

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by gator145, Nov 20, 2008

You are the best.....Your troubles are so many and yet you are still thinking of others.....  That is so nice of you .....And you have a lot of good advice to offer to help others..........A person I am proud to call my friend.......You are doing the right thing because when you have taken all the hard times there are to take, the good times can't be far behind..........You are a doll........So special...You truly are.....

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