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May 18, 2012 - 0 comments




Went to neurologist referred by PCP.
I wanted him to check if I had symptoms from head injury.
Instead, he was convinced my problem is migraines. Say what?

He didn't care I said I don't usually have strong headaches. He said migraines is not only about headaches.

My light and sound sensivity, even the fainting...? Migraines! Syncope? Migraine!

Hmm... I tried to extract details from him.... He said would he ask me how to build a building? (I'm an architect)... meaning it's too complicated to explain in details?

He said my loss of smell is bulshit... Cause the brain is not that delicate? Hmm?

Oh well.

He gave me a few medicines as predinasone (heard it's good for smell too). Also told me to use lexapro. What? Hmm it prevents migraine... Oh well...

Also Co Q10 that smell doc also gave me... And magnesium oxyde.

To return in 3 weeks.

Oh well. Now this too... Dont know what to think...

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