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pain in chest, feels like lump in throat, weak, dizzy. at 14?

Nov 20, 2008 - 2 comments

weak throat pains dizzy

my names Lucy and im only 14, for the last few weeks i've been having pains in my chest and throat, my chest pain is near the middle of my upper chest, near breathing choob. it only got worse the last 2-3 days and i panik and feel like i cant breathe, can hear my heart pounding & get up set, as i worry alot ): also feels like i have a lump in back of my throat, mum says its nerves when u get that? i had a black out aswell on the 15th nov. i was in derby to see george sampson, massive crowd, hot, dizzy and everything was black, i couldnt see or focus for about 5mins. it was first one i ever had. im also very weak & dizzy nearly everyday, im only 14. im going doctors but scared what there going to tell me, you cant get cancer or anything at 14 can you??

so altogether i've had:

1 blackout
feels like lump in throat
chest pains
heart beating loud

please can you tell me what you think it could be, and if you have had anything like it. and your age.

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by Nat79, Jan 15, 2009
Hi Lucy,
I just wanted to say that you are not alone. I feel dizzy (well, its more like lightheadedness, like my brain is on a waterbed) all day every day, some days its worse than others. I feel weak and find it tiring just to dry my hair with my hairdryer. I got chest pains the other day which were so bad I couldnt take a full breath and thought I was going to pass out from the pain. I have not yet actually passed out. I also get heart palpitations where my heart beats really hard and fast for about 15mins for no reason. I know what you are going through and it is scary. I have been to see 3 different doctors about my constant dizziness, they sent me for an MRI scan which came back normal. I have now been referred to the National Hospital for Neurology in London and have my first appointment with them on Tuesday.
Have you been to the doctor about your probs yet? What did they say?
Natalie (29)

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by maddison7, Jan 21, 2009
My daddy has a horrible pain from his chest down towards his heart and has trouble breathing a lot. He said it feels like a big lump in his throat that keeps him from breathing, he even has trouble sleeping at night. He throws up a lot, even when his stomach is empty. He cant eat anything sometimes, and he threw up blood a few times. He's been to different hospitals several times, and nobody could tell him what was wrong with him. I worry everyday for him. My daddy needs help, ♥I need my dad and i would do ANYTHING to make this go away ♥  Please help..

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