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What now . . .

Nov 20, 2008 - 1 comments

So, got married . . . went off my arthritis drugs b/c I was supposed to get pregnant right away - did not happen and I caused permanent damage to my wrist.  Got our diagnosis, ok.  Tried IUI - oops can't do that b/c DH sperm count was basically 0 after the wash . . . Ok.  Tried IVF - can't do that b/c my body does not want to respond to the drugs.  Ok. Tried new protocol - can't do that b/c my body just DOES NOT LIKE THESE DRUGS - they think b/c of my arthritis drugs which I can not go off of without causing permanent bodily damage - Yippie!  Meanwhile, pursuing adoption . . . can't do that b/c birthmom decided to give the baby to another family . . . OK, what now?  

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by mommyin10, Nov 23, 2008
It breaks my heart to read your journal, my friend! :(  I know how impossible it seems right now & I'm so sorry for all you've been through.  It really is not fair!  I truly believe your luck will turn for the better.  Hang in there & know that I'm thinking of you & wishing you & dh all my best.

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