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Just a reflexion!!!

May 21, 2012 - 0 comments








What is the need for a woman to be ''perfect''? Is it even possible to be? Who are we deceiving men or ourselves?

To be a real woman these days it seams that we need to have the skin of a healthy well-feed baby. The skin need to have the firmness of a fit child. Our features need to be perfectly asymmetrical. Our hair must be full like a preteen boy. However, body hair must be inexistent like a preteen girl. Our limbs need to be long and delicate like those of a teenager. Our breast and hips the one of a young woman in her first pregnancy. However, our body including our belly need to flat and tone like the one of a teenage athlete. Our voice need to be soft and sexy. Our lips need to look hungry and ready. And our eyes clear and knowledgeable.

Have you ever meet a person like this by nature? I have not! To be even close to this ideal, it needs hours of works per week, not to say per days. Countless beauty products and artifices. And of course, the needs for diets, nip and tucks at terrible cost to ones health. All that for what? To be closer to the society model of ultimate beauty!

God have created us in is image. He created us full of surprises. He gave us intelligence, wit, imagination, free will, feelings, understandings, and so much more. He made us in a way that we can learn, make friends, and love as well as cry and feel sorrow.

He created us all in is image: all similar, but also purposely all DIFFERENTS.

We should not try to be like everybody else, but like ourselves. We should learn to know our differences and accept it. We cannot keep baby or child skin all our life, one day it is going to wrinkle when we look at our grandchild. We cannot be teenagers all our life, one day we will be mothers and cherish our flaws when we are going to see our own daughters bring in the world our grandchild. Even our voice will change as we age. However, one thing we will fulfill, one thing that youth could not give us. Our eyes will then be KNOWLEDGEABLE! We will have lived, learn, love, and cry.

Then we would be the perfect creature that GOD wanted, and then we would really be in HIS IMAGE.

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