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Very strange opk, did i ovualte 5 days after af??

May 21, 2012 - 2 comments

Okay so i need some information please: since my miscarriage i always get my dark postive's on my ovulation tests around the 23rd.

I finished af on the 14th may, and i then started using my opk everyday, which were very light, and them came the 19th may 5 days after my period, i was shocked to see 2 lines, not as dark but a fairly pink 2nd line. I then took another yesterday (20th)  and it was the same as the day before. I always get very strong dark lines that match the control line around the 23rd, but i am very confused as 5 days after my af these lines were pretty good, anyway i took another one today and it as gone lighter. There is noooo way i could have ovulated already is there?? i bd last night anyway just to make sure i didnt miss my window.

I am very certain that i will get a very dark positve on the 23-24th becasue i keep a good track of my ovualtion every month . If you look at my pictures in my album you will see how dark my opk tests get. But i really dont know what casued me to get this. Is there a possibility that i could ovualte twice, i have heared some people can ovulate twice, but i dont think am that lucky lol. Any information would be really greatfull,  Thank you xxxx

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by KTowne, May 21, 2012
It's rare but some women do ovulate twice, or your body could have been gearing up to ovulate, but didn't, so it's good you BD'ed just in case, but make sure you keep doing the OPK's and see if you get a 2nd one when you usually ovulate. Don't your OPK's progressively get darker, and then stay dark for a few days?? If so, this might have just been a case where you were gearing up to O and didn't. Do you get a change in CM? If so, you can usually tell if it's really O or not by that! Good luck, maybe you just got a bonus this month!!! :)

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by heather727, May 22, 2012
Your body could have geared up for ovulation and spiked your lh levels but there's no guarantee that you actually ovulated.  You might get a stronger positive around your usual ovulation time.  And as KTowne said, it is possible to ovulate twice.  I just read an article the other day that hypothesized that more woman ovulation more than once than originally thought.  This explains failures in the family planning method of birth control as well as faternal twins.  Just keep testing and BDing to cover your bases.  Maybe this will be your month for a baby bean - or two! lol

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