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the alien on my left side

Nov 20, 2008 - 1 comments

left upper quadrant pain


chronic diarrhea


Left Rib Cage Ache


gallbladder surgery

Where do i start?  Still in the process of trying to figure out what this lump/mass/growth/alien is on my left rib cage.  It drives me crazy, it hurts all the time and after years of just dealing with it, finally went to the dr again.  Long history of upper left quadrant pain.  Now it hurts continually in my back.  
History:  Sharp pains in mid upper abdomen that sent me to emergency room.  Believe this was in 95 or 96.  I apparently had a few little gallstones in my gallbladder.  The lil buggers were blocking my bile duct, so bile ran all over my pancreas and liver.  Spent a few days in the hospital to reduce my pancreas, then gallbladder came out.  Next month i had ALOT of pain.  Went back to dr, and a stone was left in my bile duct.  ERCP was done, and was sent on my way.  
For years....more and more abdominal pains.  Complained to dr my left rib cage stuck out more then my left.  His response, "our bodies arent perfect.  they arent equally matched on both sides."  So....i went on about my life.  Back and forth to the dr with heartburn.  Was put on ranitidine.  That became over the counter, so i just picked that up and self medicated myself.  O yes, and the chronic diarrhea i deal with when it decides to come on.  I finally was sent to a shrink for the pain.  Which....didnt even waste my time.  I knew the drs couldnt find anything to help me, therefore i must be making it up.  Went one beleives me....lived with the pain and diarrhea for years.
Few more years, develop pain in my back upper left.  Exact opposite of where this pain is under my left rib.  Somewhere along the lines i developed this lump/mass/alien thing that developed on the outside of my rib cage, right below my left breast.  The dr can feel it, its obvious when i stand up and hold my breast up....there is a lump there.  Its there to the human eye, and you can feel it.  Had a ct scan done......but it didnt show up.  Or well, the dr didnt address it.  All that was found is a cyst on my right ovary.  Forget about that, its not bothering me or relating to these pains in the upper left.  So now im being sent to a GI specialist.  I think i might finally follow thru this time.  Im done tired of living with this.  It drives me insane.  Hurts all the time.  Tender to touch where the alien is.  The diarrhea comes and goes.  Having a good spell right now after going from June - October of chronic everyday, everything i ate came right out of me.  Well...everything other then potatoes, bread and pasta.  That stuff stayed in me, only thing that did.  I lived on it for 3 months.  
Im perplexed, what can this mass/alien thingy be on my left rib cage.  No one knows, yet there are so many that have it.  When i am sitting down, i cant bend over to the left to pick something off the floor.  I can not physically bend over to the left when im sitting down.  I can bed over to the right just fine.  Not the left.  How does that make sense?  They cant see anything there?!  Driving in a car and checking my blindspot creates sharp pulls on my left upper side.  And i have to kinda wiggle back something has to fall back into place before i can be front again.  Seriously, does this sound like a normal anatomy?  Why is this so difficult to diagnose?
So, making my appt tommorow with the GI specialist.  Can hardly wait, im sure its still in my head after all these years.  I just wish i could have my damn gallbladder back.  Thats what started all my problems.  

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by Sugie1938, Oct 10, 2009
Did you ever find the cause of all this? I have something very similar, and was told the same thing, that both sides of the body is not always the same. I have pain under the left ribs and into the back directly behind them. My left side also is larger, and my doctor seems unconcerned. I would like to hear the outcome of your progross. Thanks

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