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Violet's Birth Story (38 weeks, 4 days)

May 21, 2012 - 7 comments

birth story


38 weeks







Violet Audrey entered the world a week and a half early!  We feel so lucky because it seems like we get a whole extra week and a half to enjoy her :)

After reading and enjoying countless birth stories in preparation for our big day, I'm so excited to be able to share my own.  Here is the story of how she entered into the world!

A few days earlier, I started losing my mucous bloody show, just pieces of mucous plug.  At my 36 week appointment I was 1cm dilated and only a half cm more at my 37 week appointment.

On Sunday, May 13th, Mother's Day, I started feeling cramping at 10:30 in the morning.  It was nothing too unusual.  I had been noticing cramping for a couple of weeks and figured they were early practice contractions.  We had plans to drive about an hour out of the city to spend the day with my extended family and celebrate Mother's Day together.  I had been having some swelling and was feeling pretty tired because it was so close  to the end that we decided we'd sit this get-together out and try to relax some at home.

I was feeling cramping on and off much more often than I ever had before, but nothing in a regular pattern.  They'd come and go at random intervals between maybe 5 and 15 minutes.  We decided to have brunch with our good friend.  We joked about how I was having contractions and today could be the day, but really weren't serious at all.  I was in complete denial and stayed that way until 2 in the morning, but we'll get to that part later!

Although my contractions seemed to continue throughout the day, they still weren't regular.  I was so sure that because she was my first baby, she would be closer to her due date if not late.  There was no way I was in labor...right?  Dave, my DH, was starting to get excited...I told him to quit it. :)

I started nesting like crazy.  I figured that even though there was no way I was actually in labor, I might as well get things taken care that I needed to finish before her arrival anyway.  Dave mowed the grass, I mopped the floors, scrubbed the stove, cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed.  He sterilized the car and scrubbed down the mats. We also finished putting clothes and things in the hospital bag.

It was about 3:30 in the afternoon and I started timing my cramps just to see how we were doing.  They were lasting about 35 seconds each, but coming at 5-15 minute intervals.  Still irregular.  I called my mom to wish her a happy Mother's Day and joked about how Dave thought I was in labor. haha silly Dave.

Fast forward to 10:30 that night, and all of a sudden my cramps started wrapping around to my back and were lasting a minute long and coming 3-6 min apart.  I called my sister and parents and told them maybe they should start making the trip here...this could be the real thing.

Dave and I settled into bed for active labor.  My contractions quickly got more and more intense. We planned on doing the Bradley Method, but that pretty much flew out the window...there was no way I could relax through them.   About midnight, Dave called the hospital to see when we would need to come in...explaining we wanted to stay at home as long as possible and have a natural, unmedicated birth.  The OB said to wait until contractions are 2-3 minutes apart or too uncomfortable to talk through (we live only 10-15 minutes away).

I labored for the next few hours and around 2:30 Dave said he thought it was time. I was really scared...I wanted to stay home longer and had no idea how far along I had progressed. I didn't want to go in too early — I was really concerned about having intervention if I wasn't moving along far enough.  He said he'd put everything in the car and come back to get me.

The car ride was tough, but we got there quickly since no one was on the roads.  I gave a urine sample and noticed I had bloody show. I think it was at that point I finally admitted to myself I was in real labor haha! They checked me and I was 5cm.  I was so surprised!  They noticed my water was bulging, but not broken.  I had a quick ultrasound so they could confirm her head was down.

They wheeled me up to the delivery room where I labored for two more hours.  I wasn't going to have another check until 5am, but I started having constant pressure and I felt like pushing...and then I couldn't help from pushing.  They called the OB in to check and my water still hadn't broken, but it was really bulging and I had dilated to 8 cm!  She asked if I would be ok with her rupturing my membranes since she knew I wanted to go natural.  I said yes please! Do it! I wanted to get things moved along...I was starting to get tired and the contraction were really really strong. I was holding on to Dave's hand for dear life and was pushing involuntarily.

When she ruptured my membranes I pushed on my back for a few contractions. Then she felt the baby's head and she could tell she was sunny side up.  She asked that I push on all fours for a while to see if we could get her to turn around.  I pushed on all fours for about an hour and when my legs could no longer take it, I pushed on my side for a while and then she checked me again to see if she had turned and she did! What a relief!

I pushed on my back for another hour and then the sun started coming up and the OB asked if we were ready to have a baby!  She was crowning, and I started feeling a deep burning sensation.  This was the hardest part for me.  The stinging and burning was so intense it almost made me afraid to push as hard as I knew I had to.  I kept asking the doctor how much further and she said 10 minutes!  Then they broke the bed apart, my OB got into her scrubs, they turned the big lights on, and it was go time.

Dave kept saying "Oh my gosh! I can see her! She's right there!" and it was so encouraging.  I knew we were making progress and even though I was in the most pain at this point, knowing we were so close made it much more tolerable.  In 4 more minutes I pushed her out and there she was!

Violet was born at 7:35 am on May 14th.  She was 7lbs 13 oz and 20.75" long.  Perfect, of course, from head to toe.  They placed her on my chest and I held her in disbelief.  She scored 9 out of 9 on her apgar! We were so proud :) With the exception of the breaking of my water, it was a completely natural, unmedicated birth. We were so lucky to not have any complications...and I'm incredibly thankful for my wonderful supportive husband and such a fabulous staff of nurses and an awesome doctor for helping to bring her into the world.

We just adore parenthood...who knew you could love something so much! :)

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1530342 tn?1405016490
by MrsPincince, May 21, 2012
BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats girl:) xoxox What an amazing story:)

1330108 tn?1333677304
by SunWorshiper_26, May 22, 2012
Congrats. It's always so wonderful to hear of natural intervention free births. They seem so far and few between these days.

1806883 tn?1458321004
by stacey10, May 22, 2012
YAY congratulations on your natural delivery and perfect little girl :) so good to hear,  they are definatley do-able :)

1829051 tn?1336190711
by miscitalia, May 22, 2012
loved ur baby story!!...CONGRATULATIONS!!

1742167 tn?1436471720
by heather727, May 22, 2012
Congrats!!  I'm so proud of your unmedicted birth story!  I had to be induced with my son and am really hoping to avoid the same this time around.  Your story has given me hope! :)

790669 tn?1465189099
by Des_a_rae, May 22, 2012
I know we're not familiar with eachother but I just wanted to say Congratulations on your new little one!  I LOVED reading your birth story, it's soo amazing!   I got chills when you said it was " go time" lol!   Anyways, congrats again!!  I'm sure she's absolutely lovely and soo happy you and baby are doing wonderful.  I hope one day to experience the same! :)

1659605 tn?1326832547
by RobinB9, May 22, 2012
Thank you, ladies, for all of your kind words and congratulations! :) What an experience birth is!  And even though it was really really tough, I wouldn't have changed a thing about it! :D

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