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is it weird that...

May 22, 2012 - 0 comments














is it weird that, now that i'm living with my dad full time, i've grown to hate him? and my mom, who i've hated for almost a decade--i'm finally starting to have a decent relationship with her, now that I hardly see her? why is this? it makes no sense.... why cant i just get along with my parents?

and why the hell does my dad have to kick me out of my own house? why does he have to get mad at me for acting like my mom, whom i clearly take after in several ways? i cant help that i'm like her! and when i'm not like her, i'm like my dad, which makes me both a bit-ch and an a*s! i'm gonna hurt that a*shole one of these days. a kick to his nonexistent balls. manwhore. b*stard. god i hate my dad. i'd say i wanna live with my mom, but then i'll hate her again. and i'd much rather have a good relationship with her than him. he doesnt deserve it... well, she doesnt either, but at least she realizes that she screwed up. he doesnt.

fukk it all. just a few more months, and i can leave all of this behind. all of it. forever. i'm starting a new book in my life, and this one's gonna be so much better than the prequel. i'm sure of it....

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