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very bad day

May 22, 2012 - 0 comments

Why are some men assholes. I'm not talking about Chris.I went to Lowes and got wood to fix our deck and the Lowes guy loaded it for me and straped it down. I leave the parking lot and the wood came flying out of the truck. 4 guys drove by me and yeld at me because i lost the wood. omg i have never seen this side of myself. i started yelling if u want the wood out of ur way u pick it up, im 4 months prego and i cant pick it up then i kicked his car, wow I think I went crazy for a min there. I was so mad and upset. My dr dont want me to lift anything because of being prego and me haveing a lot of troble with bleeding tmy. And hear i am in the middle of the road with a few 100 lbs of wood to pick up. after about 5 min of trying to do it myself and yelling at people lol some guys stop and help me. now home waiting for chris to come home

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