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it hurts

May 23, 2012 - 2 comments

my back and himps hurt so bad it hurt to walk and stand more then a few min i went for a 2 mile walk today hopeing by getting out and movve it would help but it did not i can only lay down or sit it hard to get anything no slowing paint baby  stuff and im so tired becasue of sitting around bgut it all hurt i just dont win and chris work 6 day a week and we have a lot of blidding to get done god help me

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by Spiket77, May 23, 2012
My hips bothered me when I was pregnant too. It comes and goes. I think it is because your hips are moving around making room. Pre-natal Yoga helped me a lot. I also went to the pool. I did some walking but the pool and yoga seemed to help the most. Sorry you had a bad day yesterday! Some people are such a**holes! haha

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by chrismommy1987, May 24, 2012
thanks i have to look in the at it hot out here in main but the water is to cold in about a few week i can use the lake cant wait i cant get anything done im omost 16 weeks and all i want to do is sleep all the time

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