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Haha today

May 23, 2012 - 1 comments




Today was full of so much fun. (MASH AHAHAHA). After school some friends and I stopped by 'skateboards' house and ate/drank some food. Then we went to the park next to 'shoes' house and waited for him to do his chores. While we were waiting, Steve made me chase him around for like 10 minutes. Steve, why you gotta be like that. You know I couldn't catch you today 'cause of what I was wearing xD.

Me: asdfghjkl;' you know I can't catch you! This is why you're doing this!!
Steve: Noo you can catch me, you caught me like two weeks ago
Me: You're so mean
Steve: haha but this is fun, being chased
Me: But you know I can't catch you!
Steve: We're playing tag~
Me: no, we're playing fag* :P
-and we continue to run around-

'Skateboard' left us since he had to take our guest to her house because the 'ocean' couldn't wait much longer. Soon, about 20 minutes later, 'shoes' came back and Steve also came back with his bike. And then we left our area and went to a whole different park and started to climb on it (SINCE THAT'S WHAT THE STRUCTURE WAS BASICALLY MADE FOR) and we were spinning in one of those evil spinny chair things with a tilt just to add the dizziness. After like, an hour at the park, we finally met up again with 'skateboard' at a different park across the damn street then we went to our guest's house! Over there we were singing/rapping Linkin Park, biking around the block, skating? We ate pizza (cannibalism 'ocean' ;D) and yeah. THEN WE ALL HAD TO LEAVE BECAUSE NONE OF OUR PARENTS KNEW THAT WE WERE OUT AND SHIZ.
My parent's didn't care that i was out and didn't check in T.T They didn't even say anything when I came inside. Silly parents, Y U NO TALK TO ME.

*fag is a game 'Unicorn' and I created a year ago. It's like tag, but you hit the person and call them a fag. The unicorn no longer plays, but Steve still wants to.

PS- Steve, why you gotta be like that man. I was able to catch you last year because we were the same height. Maybe two weeks ago I was able to catch you because reasons. You know I can't catch you man, not with the shoes I wear now -3-

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by teddybearLOL, May 24, 2012
yes. the ocean likes them shoes...A LOT

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