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Day 73 - the end draws nigh

May 24, 2012 - 0 comments







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Week 10

Got the good news yesterday that I was still UND at Week 8. Now got eleven days to go and feeling pretty good overall. It's such a pleasure to experience sustained energy, no flagging later in the day, no fatigue or exhaustion. What a blessing it feels to be on this trial. One of the study co-ordinators told me yesterday that all fifteen of us on this trial at the clinic - five treatment naives and ten people who failed protease inhibitors- are all UND. What's not to like?

It feels a little strange to be completing the 12 weeks so soon. Will I make SVR4? That is the question. My intuitive sense is that early cure is on its way but of course only time will tell. The second week of July will bring the thumbs up or down. It will be brilliant if all the 12 week naives hit SVR4. That is my hope and prayer. Such news would bring delight to millions, despite the Gilead/BMS predicament. If they don't work together, some other elements of Big Pharma will achieve comparable results soon. It's just tragic that more may suffer in the intervening months or years when a brilliant cure seems directly at hand.

Overall, I remain filled with gratitude that I have been able to participate in this trial. It's been a privilege and great good fortune. I hope we've paved the way for millions to be liberated from this debilitating illness. A thousand thanks again to the brilliant scientists and dedicated researchers who discovered and tested these new medicines. We are all in your debt.

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