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Crimson tears

Nov 21, 2008 - 1 comments

The pain from within runs and drips from my skin
That precious release yet terrible sin
I blame myself and these secrets I keep
Crying tears from these open wounds cut so deep
The temporary relief that I felt dissapears
Im in the same cycle I'v been stuck in for years
The same problems, same heartache and the same stupid fears
Which lead me to cry these sad crimson tears
The scars on my wrists show the scars on my heart
So dont judge me for this coz youl tear me apart
These cuts i rely on you cant understand
But be a friend, walk with me, and hold onto my hand.

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by GoingToMakeIt, Nov 21, 2008
I am still here for you. You are a very special one. Life will turn around and be OK. It just takes time. It is so good to see you...

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