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I Love You Connor </3

Nov 21, 2008 - 2 comments

Over time,
My love for you grew,
You held me together,
You were my glue.

Now im broken,
And falling apart,
Trying to heal,
My shattered heart

To say I love you,
Isnt enough,
Its sounds so simple,
For feelings to tough.

But I have to walk away,
And let you go,
With feelings i hope,
Someday I can show.

I love you Connor(L).  xxxx

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318890 tn?1297965320
by natalile, Dec 31, 2008
Thats really good hun xx.
I right poams but it seams to be only when i'm really down.
Keep posting what yu write you'll find it help. But u don't need me 2 tell ya that. Hi again enyway 'v been to scared to log bk in 4 a long time. Your m8t from preston natalie xx

517872 tn?1613422715
by real_jimmy, Jul 17, 2014

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